Interning at OnePageCRM

No Ordinary Internship: Is there such a thing as a mature one?

Returnships are very topical at the moment and perhaps this may be a better title. The last time I was in an office as an employee was easily 20 years ago. I’ve either worked for myself or as part of a remote team and whilst I know photocopiers no longer exist, there was a part of me that imagined my 7 month internship would involve something akin to photocopying and copious coffee runs. I was […]

Charity appeal: OnePageCRM goes to Pakistan

As it’s my first post to the OnePageCRM blog, I should probably start by introducing myself. Hi! My name is Payman Afzal, I’ve been working as a QA Lead here in OnePageCRM’s Galway office since April 2016. Over the Christmas period I travelled back home to my native Pakistan, with my wife to attend a family wedding in Faisalabad. Our journey to Faisalabad, around a three and a half hour journey from our start point […]
feature updates

New updates and features roll out: Message from our product guy (and CEO)

Hello, A quick heads-up on some great features and updates coming to OnePageCRM this week. Our beta testers find the latest updates really speed up adding/editing contacts and companies. Thanks to your feedback we can constantly innovate, and we’re really excited about the future of our app. Note: If you’re an account administrator or the CRM champion in your company, please take some time to communicate the updates in your team. We’re holding a specialist […]

Newgrange – A New Year in a Celtic Way

Ireland’s position as a global technological leader has been the subject of much debate over the past few years. While some commentators might describe it as a recent phenomenon, attributing it to a range of governance and external factors, I believe that it is something which has always been in our heritage. And I’ve got the evidence to prove it. Newgrange is a Stone Age monument situated in the east of Ireland and is a testament […]