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OnePageCRM is the 1st action-focused sales CRM tool that helps small and medium-sized businesses stay in control of their sales. Founded in 2010 by Michael FitzGerald, it enables SMBs to focus on what needs to be done next, follow up with every lead, keep the team on the same page, and close more deals, one sales action at a time.



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CEO Michael FitzGerald

Michael FitzGerald is the founder and CEO of OnePageCRM. A multidisciplinary engineer by profession and a product guy at heart, Michael works closely with all stakeholders, from users to developers, making sure the operations stay agile and the product—effective. Previous to several entrepreneurial ventures, Michael worked in various roles; starting as a Sports Science Technologist in an Olympic Athlete Test Centre, to Sports Product Design (SRAM), to Snr Research Engineer in a Medical Device Company Bio Medical Research. 

Aside from being a Founder and CEO of OnePageCRM, Michael is also: 

  • Founding member of The PorterShed and Innovation District.
  • Patron of non-profit EmployAbility Galway.   
  • Guest lecturer on Innovation, Creativity & Entrepreneurship at NUI Galway.
  • Contributor to Start-Up Weekend.
  • Co-founder and sponsor of Code Ninja app development competition
CEO of our CRM tool
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