For ultimate sales pipeline management

Sometimes the best way to go around your process is through managing a good auld sales pipeline.
Set up deals with a click, monitor your team’s progress, and watch them move closer to
Winning with every completed deal stage!

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Set up a deal in a couple of clicks with sales pipeline management

Set up deals in a couple of clicks

We value your time, so we made sure to provide pre-built commission and multi-month fields, as well as automated deal items! All you have to do is tick a couple of boxes, add a note, and move one step closer to winning it!

Kanban vs. Forecast. Flexible sales pipeline management

Kanban vs. Forecast. Whatever floats your boat

When it comes to sales pipeline management, we believe in flexibility. Both views have their pros, so you can switch between them any time you like! Want to see how your team will most likely be performing in the next few months based on your current progress? Choose Forecast. Want to have a quick overview of where your deals are in the pipeline, check them out in the Kanban view!

All it takes is a drag-and-drop

All it takes is a drag-and-drop

There’s nothing like that feeling you get from moving your deal from ‘Contract Sent’ to ‘Won’. And an efficient sales pipeline management process in OnePageCRM means you can do it with a simple drag-and-drop. Customize the stages of your CRM pipeline, effortlessly move deals between them, and enjoy your sales success!

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