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Easy & low-admin sales management

Set up deals with a click, monitor your team’s progress, and watch them move closer to winning with every completed deal stage!

sales pipeline

Maintain a healthy sales pipeline

drag-and-drop interface

Clearly define your sales process

By clearly defining your sales process, you can significantly increase revenue. With OnePageCRM, it’s easy to customize the stages of your pipeline and move deals between them.

There’s nothing like that feeling you get from moving your deal from ‘Contract Sent’ to ‘Won’.
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sales pipeline

With OnePageCRM, filling the top of your sales funnel is super easy. Install our free browser extension and start capturing lead data. We’ll recognize contact detail on any web page and automatically create new contacts in your CRM—no more copy-pasting!

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pipeline stages in CRM
deal velocity

Identify and avoid bottlenecks

You can easily spot the stages your deals are usually stuck on and take the necessary steps to optimize your sales pipeline.

Moreover, with this CRM, you can sort deals by the number of inactive days and work on them first.
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sales forecasting

Forecast sales revenue

Estimating future sales is an easy task with the right CRM. Use the Forecast view to predict your revenue and monitor your team’s performance against the set KPIs.

The Forecast view can help you allocate resources and monitor progress toward company-wide goals.
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sales forecasting
crm pipeline video

See how it works

Have a look at how OnePageCRM helps businesses grow sales and optimize their sales cycles.
product catalog
product & service catalog

Set up your service catalog

Keep all details related to your services and products in one place.

In OnePageCRM, you can create a structured list of products and services with pricing detail, group them together, and add them to your invoices and quotes in just a few clicks.
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sales funnel

Visualize your prospect’s journey

Map out your sales funnel with Status Labels. This way, your team will always know what the next milestone with each contact is.

You can use different colors to differentiate between contact statuses and spot them easily in your Action Stream.
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status and labels
smooth deal management

Add details to deals in just a click

Build deals in seconds by adding your most commonly used products and services to the deal in a click.

By keeping your most used services and products in your CRM, you'll be able to set up deals much faster than before.
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Connect OnePageCRM to your favorite apps

crm integrations
    crm integrations
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Why businesses use OnePageCRM for sales management

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The centerpiece of your business

Besides its follow-up functionality, this simple CRM has everything your business needs, so you don’t have to switch between different apps.
contact profile
Contact Details
Keep information about clients, partners, and all other contacts in a central database.
kanban sales pipeline
Deals & Pipeline
Manage sales deals, build pipelines, and send quotes without leaving your CRM.
email inbox
Email Inbox
Enable a two-way sync with your email client, track email opens, and create custom templates.
product catalog
Products & Services
Put your sales strategy into action, make the best of every opportunity, and convert more leads into paying clients.

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Create multiple pipelines

Create multiple pipelines

Create multiple sales pipelines to accurately represent your sales cycle and improve sales tracking.
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Boost calls with Speed Dialer

Boost calls with Speed Dialer

Make calls to your contacts with ease. Quickly dial starred contacts with a Next Action and a phone number in the CRM.
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Streamline your workflow

Streamline your workflow

If you have a standard or predictable sales process, you can pre-define your steps, create templates, and add them in a click.
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Measure and track progress

Measure and track progress

With our simple and interactive Dashboard, you can always see whether you’re on track or need to course-correct.
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Record reasons for lost deals

Record reasons for lost deals

You can create reports and view the breakdown of reasons per month to see if any action is needed.
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Send sales quotes in seconds

Send sales quotes in seconds

Quickly build and send proposals straight from your CRM in a ready-to-send email.
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The best CRM
for sales management

We’ve built a simple and efficient CRM that helps you focus on closing deals and growing your sales instead of handling admin tasks and data entry.
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Top-Rated CRM with the Best Sales Pipeline Tool

  • What is a sales pipeline tool?

    A sales pipeline is a digital tool that helps salespeople organize, visualize, and manage their sales process.

    The Kanban view of a sales pipeline gives salespeople an opportunity to easily move deals through different stages and have an overview of their sales progress.

    Most CRM systems are usually equipped with sales pipeline tools. For example, OnePageCRM has both a Kanban and Forecast view. You can switch between them with a click.
  • What is the Kanban view in the sales pipeline?

    The Kanban view helps you get a quick overview of your deals’ progress and a glimpse into your sales cycle.

    With the Kanban view, businesses can quickly understand if there are any bottlenecks or if their sales process needs any improvements.
  • What is the Forecast view in the sales pipeline?

    Use the Forecast view to predict your revenue and monitor your team’s performance against the set KPIs.

    The Forecast view in your sales pipeline is a simple way of monitoring your progress and seeing whether you're still on track.
  • Can I customize deal stages in my sales pipeline?

    Yes, and it's very simple.

    You can customize deal stages to fit your sales process and drag and drop the deals to advance them through the sales pipeline.
  • Why businesses use OnePageCRM for pipeline management?

    With OnePageCRM, you can build sales deals in a couple of clicks.

    Fill in the deal’s name, add a note, and tick a box to add a commission or a multi-month format. We’ll do all the calculations for you.

    This CRM has one of the most intuitive sales pipeline functionalities.
  • What are the ways to fill the top of my sales funnel?

    OnePageCRM has free Web Forms.

    It takes just a few clicks to build a simple web form and embed it into your website.

    We’ll be collecting new leads and automatically adding them to your CRM with a follow-up reminder next to them.
  • Can I create multiple pipelines?

    You can create and manage multiple sales pipelines if you have several products or services that require different sales processes.
  • How can I spot bottlenecks in my sales pipeline?

    In OnePageCRM, you can use deal velocity to easily identify and manage bottlenecks in your sales pipeline by viewing the time spent on each deal stage, as well as sorting your Kanban to display the deals that cause the biggest delay.
  • How can OnePageCRM help me adjust my sales strategy?

    You can record a reason for losing a deal to win the next one. Learn from your experience by recording and reviewing the most common factors standing in the way of your sales success, so you can adjust your future strategy.
  • How can I save time on sending sales quotes?

    With OnePageCRM, you can quickly generate and send professionally looking proposals straight from your CRM.

    We’ll calculate the totals and automatically insert the quote into a ready-to-send email. It takes just 37 seconds to get from inquiry to quote.
  • Does OnePageCRM have email functionality?

    Yes, our CRM has a powerful Email Hub. You can send emails in bulk, personalize them at scale, get read receipts, see how many time a client or prospect opened your email, and so on.

    When sending sales emails in bulk, you can customize each one of them so you never sound spammy and save even more time by using pre-saved email templates.

    Moreover, only emails from OnePageCRM contacts make it through to the dedicated sales Email hub, so nothing distracts you from closing that sale.

    Thanks to the full email sync, you can receive, send, and reply to emails straight from the CRM and safely log them in the system.
  • What reporting features does OnePageCRM have?

    In OnePageCRM, you can build and save custom reports with your selected KPIs in a couple of clicks and get them automatically delivered to your inbox on a regular basis.

    You can also record your sales wins and losses. Celebrate the deals you’ve won with the Pipeline Won column and learn from the deals you lost by recording the reasons for it.
  • How can I keep my pipeline healthy?

    OnePageCRM is not just a sales CRM, it is also a productivity tool. It helps you stay organized and motivated.

    For example, you can automate many repetitive sales tasks in OnePageCRM. On top of that, you can enable the Target Widget to motivate yourself and get closer to your goal every day.