For keeping your finger on the sales pulse

Feel the beat of your team’s progress, create and email reports that make sense to you.
With our powerful CRM reporting, you will always stay one step ahead.

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The beating heart of your sales progress

Stay tuned with the real-time activity feed

Sometimes you want to not only see what’s been happening but to get a feel for the team’s rhythm. All updates are displayed in real time in OnePageCRM’s Activity tab, so just sit back and feel the sales beat.

The power of customization for CRM reporting

Generate custom reports in seconds

When it comes to getting the updates on your team’s sales activity, you are the best person to decide what metrics matter most. With our flexible CRM reporting, you get exactly the information you need. Set up custom reports in a couple of clicks and always stay up-to-date with your team’s sales progress.

Intuitive CRM reporting with drag-and-drop

Get reports regularly delivered to your inbox

Want to keep regular tabs on your team’s progress, make sure your boss is up-to-date or just want to keep yourself on track? Set up custom CRM reports to be automatically emailed to you or anyone else on your team on a regular basis.

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