CRM for Startups That
Want to Get Sales Done

It’s a tough business world out there, and you’re just getting started. Everything is happening at the same time. Everybody is doing everything. It’s exciting and overwhelming at the same time. OnePageCRM can help bring order and focus to the chaotic startup life.

You’ll always know what needs to be done next, keep the team on the same page, improve productivity, and boost your sales.
And all that without breaking the bank!

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Import contacts in bulk into your startup CRM

Import contacts in bulk

Moving from a different CRM or even a spreadsheet can be daunting. In OnePageCRM, you can import your contacts and deals in bulk in just a couple of clicks and start closing!

Try before you buy

You can try OnePageCRM for free for 21 days. No credit card, no commitment. And to help you make the most of our CRM and see whether it’s really a good fit for your startup, you can join our regular live ‘Getting Started with OnePageCRM’ webinar.

Bring order to your startup sales

Visualize your action plan

In OnePageCRM, all your contacts are arranged into a color-coded list. The contacts with the most urgent assigned sales actions float to the top, so you can see at glance what needs to be tackled first. All you need to do is take it from the action on top.

Follow up with every lead

The moment you complete an action assigned to a contact (like making a call or sending a quote), our startup CRM pushes you to set the next one. This way, you always know what needs to be done next, and not a single lead falls through the cracks.

Action Stream in OnePageCRM for startups

Less admin, more sales

Startup CRM Saved Actions

Automate lead generation

As a startup, you don’t have time to waste on copy-pastes and data entry. Thanks to the Lead Clipper extension, you can capture lead information from any web page in a click. And with the Enhance feature, you can automatically populate the contacts with any available social data.

Accelerate your sales workflow

In OnePageCRM, you can use pre-saved action sequences, automatically generate and send sales quotes, save frequently used products and services and add them to deals in a click, send personalized emails in bulk, use custom templates, and more. We take care of admin, so you can focus on closing.

Best-value CRM for growing your startup

Doesn’t break the bank

Our CRM plans start from $9.95 per user/month. There’s no minimum limit of users, so you can start on your own and add more users as your startup grows.

Easily customizable to fit your business

Use custom fields to store the information the way it suits you. Set up custom deal stages and contact statuses to accurately reflect your sales process. Create and use tags to easily group and filter contacts, and more!

OnePageCRM for Startups
Success Stories

Arbonne uses OnePageCRM as Startup CRM

Arbonne Boosts Lead Generation by 30% per Month Using OnePageCRM

As an independent consultant, Diane Taub was looking for a new, improved system to accelerate lead generation efforts of Airbonne International.

With OnePageCRM, she greatly improved her data organization, simplified her workflow, and boosted lead generation by 30%!

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Perimiter Real Estate OnePageCRM as startup CRM

Perimeter Real Estate Scales Up by 50% Using OnePageCRM!

Richard Smith from Perimeter Real Estate needed a CRM to help him stay organized and on top of each follow up.

After only a few months of using OnePageCRM for closing sales, he quadrupled his lead to opportunity conversion and increased his close rate by an impressive 50%. Here’s how he did it.

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Sport Scope increases sales with OnePageCRM

Sport Scope: A Victorious 50% Increase in Sales

On a mission to provide high-quality results at Sport Scope, Dixie Siegler discovered that implementing a sales-focused CRM  was a game-changer for their business. 

After an extensive search, she found OnePageCRM and have seen incredible results: Sport Scope have doubled their sales and hugely improved their customer service.

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