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Simple & Powerful CRM for Small Business

With OnePageCRM as your small business CRM, you’ll always know what needs to be done next. You don’t have to try and memorize everything about a prospect. A trusted system will do it for you. No more stress and feeling overwhelmed. Take it one sales action at a time.


Why small businesses choose OnePageCRM

follow up reminders
Bullet-proof follow-up
Use our bullet-proof follow-up system to add reminders with due dates to your contacts and sort them by urgency.
simple crm
Simplicity & zero admin
Prioritize tasks, tune down the noise, and automate workflows with our straight-forward features and clutter-free interface.
task management
Proactive sales
Put your sales strategy into action, make the best of every opportunity, and convert more leads into paying clients.

Running a small business with OnePageCRM

You’re ready to take on the world. Your small business has some systems and processes in place, but they simply don’t cut it. Leads are coming in but never get converted. You take too long to follow up or forget to do it at all. This is where a trusted CRM system comes into play.
Follow-up Reminders

Follow up with every generated lead

Each contact in our small business CRM is assigned a sales action to move it forward. These are then arranged into a color-coded list, with the most urgent actions floating to the top.

This way, you always know what needs to be done next, and nothing slips through the cracks. No more dead databases!
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prioritized list of tasks
all client info on one page
simple contact management

Keep all contact information on one page

Everything you need to know to bring a lead closer to sale—from their contact information to associated deals, logged calls, emails and latest Activity—is on one scrollable page.

We do our best to help your small business pull client information as quickly as you need and have a 360-degree view of every client profile.
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smart email integration

Keep your email inbox clean

Thanks to the smart AI-recognition system, only client-related emails get added to the dedicated Email hub.

Benefit from full email sync, send personalized emails in bulk, use custom templates, track email opens to follow up at exactly the right time.

This CRM for small businesses helps you streamline client communication and keep all important conversations within reach.
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crm email integration

The best CRM for your team

  • email

    Shared inbox

    Connect individual inboxes to one shared inbox in your CRM. Even if someone goes on holiday, keep the conversations going.

  • Client Profile

    Tasks, notes and reminders

    Leave notes for anyone on your team about changes to a contact and easily assign tasks or deals to your colleagues.

  • Saved Actions

    Tasks, notes and reminders

    Monitor KPIs, keep an eye on the sales pipeline, identify bottlenecks—everything you need to track your team’s progress.

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best crm for teams

What small business owners say about OnePageCRM

OnePageCRM is one of the top small business CRM tools. It was designed as a simple sales CRM and is used by small businesses around the world. Its action-focused nature, simple interface, and set of powerful features make it the best CRM software for a growing business.

mobile crm
client interactions

Call and text straight from the CRM

Call, FaceTime or WhatsApp your leads without leaving your small business CRM.

Save call results, leave notes, and @ mention your team members for a quick FYI or a timely prompt for a follow-up. OnePageCRM is the central hub for all your client communications.
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data parsing tool

Capture leads smarter and faster

Capture lead information from any web page or social media profile in a click and automatically populate the contacts with any available social data.

As a small business, you don't have time for manual data entry. So we help you optimize your processes and win over new clients as fast as possible.
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lead capture

Mobile CRM for small business

OnePageCRM works on any platform and any device.
mobile crm
Send and log emails directly from your mobile CRM.
Use voice-to-text notes to save notes in your CRM.
speed dialer
Speed Dialer
Keep top leads at your fingertips with our Speed Dialer.
Starred Contacts
Star your VIP contacts to easily call them straight from your CRM.
presaved tasks
CRM automation

Automate repetitive actions

Use pre-saved action sequences, automatically generate and send sales quotes, build deals with existing products and services in a couple of clicks, and more.

OnePageCRM encourages small businesses to spend time on actively nurturing relationships and building long-lasting connections while we take care of the admin stuff.
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Connect OnePageCRM to your favorite apps

OnePageCRM is a powerful sales tool that integrates with several apps to make sure that you have everything you need to boost your small business sales.
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OnePageCRM is the top-rated CRM for small businesses

Ex Ordo is a software company and a leading developer of web and mobile applications for research conferences.

They work with universities, research institutes, and event management companies. They had plans for expansion and were seeking a CRM for business growth.

“OnePageCRM is a fantastic sales tool. It is really easy to set up and use. Every day OnePage gives me my list of people to contact that day and the specific action that I need to do. It’s that simple."

Dermot Lally

Head of Sales and Co-Founder at Ex Ordo

Key features of the best small business CRM

crm with tasks and reminders
Follow-up reminders
Actively manage relationships with clients and stay focused.
contact profile
Simple interface
We keep it simple. No need to pay for hundreds of features you’ll never need.
mobile crm
Multiple mobile apps
Use OnePageCRM’s mobile apps to run your small business on the go.
customer support
Top customer support
We are here to support your business growth and help you make the most of your CRM.
free trial
21-day free trial
No rush or pressure! Enjoy a 21-day free trial without entering your credit card details.
crm integrations
CRM integrations
Connect OnePageCRM with your favorite apps to boost your sales and grow faster.
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The small business CRM
you’ve been looking for

The CRM that is built with small businesses in mind. It makes your follow-up process easy, helps you generate sales, and build long-term relationships. Simple and action-focused.
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Choosing a CRM for small business

  • Why OnePageCRM is the best CRM for small businesses?

    Built with small businesses in mind, OnePageCRM has several stand-out features:

    — It's ultra-simple. No steep learning curve. No paid training courses. No complicated pricing. OnePageCRM is a fuss-free CRM system with straightforward functionality. It's as simple as using a spreadsheet (but much more enjoyable and effective).

    — It is cost-efficient. You probably know the pain of constantly switching between different apps. OnePageCRM doesn't only integrates with various business tools but it also has several free apps built specifically for OnePageCRM users: a data parsing tool, a free web form builder, a sales quoting tool, and much more.

    — It is much more than a CRM. OnePageCRM has many features that you'll find in all other CRM systems: from contact management to email sync and pipeline management. But on top of that, OnePageCRM is also a productivity tool. Its unique Action Stream feature has helped thousands of small businesses around the world grow their sales and strengthen their client relationships.
  • What are the most important features of a small business CRM?

    For small businesses, customers are their top priority. A small business CRM should put customers at the heart of everything you do.

    Here are top things to look out for when choosing a CRM for a small business:

    — Does it allow smooth contact management? Ideally, you want a CRM system that keeps client data well organized and easily accessible.

    — Does it support integrations with your favorite apps? If your business needs, say, Mailchimp or any other business app, make sure to check whether your chosen CRM has integrations with these apps.

    — Does this CRM make it easy for you to stay in touch with clients? Ideally, you want your CRM to encourage you to take a proactive approach to client management. For example, OnePageCRM actively reminds users to set follow-up reminders and tasks to all contacts in the database.

    — Does this CRM have simple automation tools? As a small business, you don't have the massive resources of large organizations and you also don't have their complex processes. That's why your chosen CRM should have simple automation tools that will help you speed up your processes without overcomplicating them.
  • Can I use a spreadsheet as a CRM for my small business?

    Many small businesses start using spreadsheets as their first client database.

    Although this is a simple solution, you'll notice its limitations as soon as your business starts to grow. The more clients you get, the more difficult it'll be to manage them from a spreadsheet. And if your team starts to grow, it'll become even more challenging to keep a spreadsheet tidy and well-organized without breaking anything.

    A simple CRM, such as OnePageCRM, can help you organize your database in the most efficient way without big time investment from your side.