Action-Focused Sales CRM for Small Business

You’re ready to take on the world. Your small business has some systems and processes in place, but they simply don’t cut it.
Leads are coming in but never get converted. You take too long to follow up or forget to do it at all.

With OnePageCRM as your small business CRM, you’ll always know what needs to be done next. You don’t have to try and memorize everything about a prospect. A trusted system will do it for you! No more stress and feeling overwhelmed.

Take it one sales action at a time.

No more dead databases

Action Stream in small business CRM

Action every generated lead

Each contact in our small business CRM is assigned a sales action to move it forward. These are then arranged into a color-coded list, with the most urgent actions floating to the top. This way, you always know what needs to be done next, and nothing slips through the cracks.

All contact information on one page

Everything you need to know to bring a lead closer to sale—from their contact information to associated deals, logged calls, emails and latest Activity—is on one scrollable page.

Central hub for all your sales communications

Unlock the power of sales email

Thanks to the smart AI-recognition system, only sales-related emails get added to the dedicated Email hub

Benefit from full email sync, send personalized emails in bulk, use custom templates, track when a lead opens your email to follow up at exactly the right time, and more!

Call and text straight from the CRM

Call and WhatsApp your leads without leaving your small business CRM. Save call results, leave notes,  and @ mention your team members for a quick FYI or a timely prompt for a follow-up.

Sales email in the CRM for small business

Reduce admin and focus on sales

small business CRM Saved Actions

Generate leads smarter and faster

Capture lead information from any web page in a click and automatically populate the contacts with any available social data.

Save time on repetitive actions

Use pre-saved action sequences, automatically generate and send sales quotes, build deals with existing products and services in a couple of clicks, and more.

Sell on the go with Mobile CRM apps

The power of small business CRM in your pocket

With our native iOS and Android mobile CRM apps, you can log calls and notes, navigate to your next meeting, speed dial your contacts, send emails, update contacts and deals, and always keep your team in the loop!

Capture leads with mobile Business Card Scanner

No more business cards collecting dust on your desk or accidentally forgotten at the hotel. All you need to do to add a lead to your CRM is take a snapshot of their business card.

OnePageCRM mobile CRM for small business

OnePageCRM for Startups
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