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Personal CRM for Building Strong Connections

As a solopreneurs, you need to stay focused, build a strong network, and wear multiple hats at once, without sacrificing productivity or sales. And with OnePageCRM you can easily do that.


Why solopreneurs choose OnePageCRM

follow up reminders
Bullet-proof follow-up
Use our bullet-proof follow-up system to add reminders with due dates to your contacts and sort them by urgency.
simple crm
Simplicity & zero admin
OnePageCRM is one of the best personal CRMs in the world. We're famous for our clutter-free interface.
task management
Dynamic to-do list
Put your strategy into action. OnePageCRM transforms a database into a dynamic to-do list.

Best CRM for Solopreneuers

Have a look at how OnePageCRM helps solopreneuers grow their business and increase sales.
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Running a one-person business with OnePageCRM

No bulky or unnecessary features. No distractions. No hopping between your email and spreadsheets, trying to pick up where you left off. With our personal CRM, perfect for a single user, you can be ready to take on the world.
Visual to-do list

Keep in touch regularly

OnePageCRM pushes you to decide on your Next Action, the next best step you need to take with a contact. It can be a task or a follow-up reminder.

This way, you follow up with every contact in your database and nothing slips through the cracks.
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multiple follow up reminders
prioritized list of tasks
Task prioritization

Always know what needs to be done next

Our color-coded Action Stream sorts your contacts by the urgency of their assigned Next Action, so you can see at a glance what needs to be tackled first and take it from the action on top.
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CRM Automation

Capture contacts from any web page in a click

No more tedious copy-pastes and hopping from one tab to another trying to populate a contact’s profile.

With the OnePageCRM Lead Clipper, you can instantly capture contact details from any web page and add them straight to your personal CRM.
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lead capture

The best CRM for your team

  • email

    Shared inbox

    Connect individual inboxes to one shared inbox in your CRM. Even if someone goes on holiday, keep the conversations going.

  • Client Profile

    Tasks, notes and reminders

    Leave notes for anyone on your team about changes to a contact and easily assign tasks or deals to your colleagues.

  • Saved Actions

    Tasks, notes and reminders

    Monitor KPIs, keep an eye on the sales pipeline, identify bottlenecks—everything you need to track your team’s progress.

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best crm for teams

What solopreneurs say about OnePageCRM

OnePageCRM is one of the top solopreneur CRM tools. It was designed as a simple sales CRM and is used by sole traders around the world. Its action-focused nature, simple interface, and set of powerful features make it the best CRM software for a growing business.

crm email integration
Powerful email integration

Keep all work-related emails in CRM

Thanks to the full email sync, all your sales emails are safely logged and you can send and reply to them, without leaving your personal CRM!

With the email integration, you can easily send personalized emails in bulk, use custom templates, track email opens, log calls and notes, and more. You can add and use email templates.
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Call and text straight from your personal CRM

Call, FaceTime or WhatsApp your leads without leaving your personal CRM.

Save call results and leave notes while the call is fresh in your memory.
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mobile crm

Mobile CRM for solopreneurs

OnePageCRM works on any platform and any device.
mobile crm
Send and log emails directly from your mobile CRM.
Use voice-to-text notes to save notes in your CRM.
speed dialer
Speed Dialer
Keep top leads at your fingertips with our Speed Dialer.
Starred Contacts
Star your VIP contacts to easily call them straight from your CRM.
mass email communication
Two-way email sync

Send personalized bulk emails

Who said mass communication can’t be personal?

With OnePageCRM, you can personalize each email to the whole database. You can personalize even bulk emails so you never sound spammy.
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Connect OnePageCRM to your favorite apps

OnePageCRM is a powerful CRM for networking and sales. It integrates with several apps to make sure that you have everything you need to build and nurture strong business connections.
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The personal CRM you’ve been looking for

The CRM that is built with solopreneurs in mind. It makes your follow-up process easy, helps you generate sales, and build long-term relationships. Simple and action-focused.
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Choosing a personal CRM

  • What is a personal CRM?

    Businesses use Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software to organize, store, and process information about their customers, partners, suppliers, and other stakeholders.

    In other words, a CRM is a central tool for any business.

    A personal CRM has the same function but contrary to the majority of CRM solutions, a personal CRM is a CRM used by an individual instead of an organization.
  • Should I use a personal CRM or a spreadsheet?

    If you run a one-person business, you might be wondering whether having a CRM is a good idea or if this tool will only slow you down.

    That's why many solopreneurs first use spreadsheets for managing their client database. But once their business starts to grow, they notice that spreadsheets are no longer enough.

    At some point, solopreneurs start looking for a simple CRM system. Contrary to complex CRM solutions built for enterprises or large organizations, a personal CRM is easy-to-use and doesn't require any set-up.

    While a spreadsheet has limitations, a personal CRM can help you organize client data and quickly pull it every time you need it.
  • What are the benefits of a personal CRM?

    It is perfect for building and nurturing business and personal relationships and can help you not only stay in touch with your clients but also support you in networking.
  • What features should a personal CRM have?

    Simple contact segmentation

    A personal CRM should make it easy for you to segment contacts into different groups and assign them different statuses and tags. For example, since you are a single user, you might have different types of contacts inside the same CRM account at some point: your clients, colleagues, potential partners, mentors, etc.

    Follow-up reminders

    As a solopreneur, you don't have the luxury of using tools for simply storing data and never looking back at it. The best personal CRM should help you make the most out of every contact in your database. That's why follow-up reminder functionality can be especially useful.

    Contact relationships

    Did you know that you can define contact relationships inside OnePageCRM? It is not easy to remember how people are connected. That's why in OnePageCRM you can define whether Contact A is a colleague of Contact B or whether Contact X is a former manager of Contact Y.


    Having to search through past email threads can be a tedious tasks. A personal CRM should have a two-way email sync with your favorite client. This way, you can ensure that all work-related communication is not only stored in your CRM account but can also be managed from there. For example, you can not only receive emails in OnePageCRM but also send them from your account and track email opens.


    As a solopreneur, you build connections one by one. Any business relationship requires time and effort and is not built over night. A personal CRM should let you easily add notes to any contact and categorize these notes into different types: for example, general notes or meeting or call notes.
  • What makes OnePageCRM the best personal CRM?

    OnePageCRM is not just a CRM system, it is also a powerful productivity tool.

    Contrary to all other CRM solutions, OnePageCRM has the unique Action Stream feature.

    The Action Stream sorts all your CRM contacts by the urgency of their assigned task or follow-up reminder. It helps you stay in touch and never miss a follow-up email or a catch-up call.
  • Should I use a personal CRM?

    It depends.

    A personal CRM can benefit your business by providing you a more structured approach to relationship management.

    But it also requires a certain level of discipline. For example, to make the most out of a personal CRM, you need to be diligent with taking notes and putting them into your CRM.