Personal CRM for Sales-Focused Solopreneurs

It’s you against the world. You don’t have time (or money) to waste. As a small business owner, you need to stay focused and wear multiple hats at once, without sacrificing productivity or sales.

And with OnePageCRM you can. No bulky or unnecessary features. No distractions. No hopping between your email and spreadsheets, trying to pick up where you left off. With our personal CRM, perfect for a single user, you can be ready to take on the world.

Convert your database into a visual to-do list

Action Stream in personal crm

Action every generated lead

OnePageCRM pushes you to decide on your Next Action, the next best step you need to take to move the contact closer to a sale, the moment you complete the previous one. This way, you follow up with every lead and nothing slips through the cracks.

Always know what needs to be done next

Our color-coded Action Stream sorts your contacts by the urgency of their assigned Next Action, so you can see at a glance what needs to be tackled first and take it from the action on top.

Automate admin and reduce stress

Capture leads from any web page in a click

No more tedious copy-pastes and hopping from one tab to another trying to populate a contact’s profile. With the OnePageCRM Lead Clipper, you can instantly capture leads from any web page and add them straight to your personal CRM!

Enhance contacts with social data

Who said mass communication can’t be personal? With OnePageCRM, you can personalize each email that is sent in bulk so you never sound spammy and save time by using pre-saved templates.

OnePageCRM Lead Clipper

Bring all your sales communication
to one place

Powerful email integration

Thanks to the full email sync,  all your sales emails are safely logged and you can send and reply to them, without leaving your personal CRM! 

With the email integration, you can easily send personalized emails in bulk, use custom templates, track email opens, log calls and notes, and more.

Call and text straight from your personal CRM

Call and WhatsApp your leads without leaving your CRM. Save call results and leave notes while the call is fresh is fresh in your memory.

Keep selling while on the go

Native mobile CRM apps

As a small business owner, you don’t stop selling when away from your desktop. In fact, sometimes the field is where the rubber hits the road! 

With the OnePageCRM native iOS and Android apps and a dedicated On the Road route planner app, you can log calls and notes, send and store emails, update contacts and deals, navigate to your next meeting, scan business cards, and never drop the ball!

OnePageCRM for Small Business Owners
Success Stories

Arbonne lead generation CRM

Arbonne Boosts Lead Generation by 30% per Month Using OnePageCRM

As an independent consultant, Diane Taub was looking for a new, improved system to accelerate lead generation efforts of Airbonne International.

With OnePageCRM, she greatly improved her data organization, simplified her workflow, and boosted lead generation by 30%!

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Sport Scope uses OnePageCRM as personal CRM

Sport Scope: A Victorious 50% Increase in Sales

On a mission to provide high-quality results at Sport Scope, Dixie Siegler discovered that implementing a sales-focused CRM  was a game-changer for their business. 

After an extensive search, she found OnePageCRM and have seen incredible results: Sport Scope have doubled their sales and hugely improved their customer service.

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Ex Ordo uses personal CRM

Ex Ordo Ramps Up Sales by 40% Using OnePageCRM

With a growing customer base, Ex Ordo knew they had an opportunity to increase sales by converting more of their web traffic to leads through timely follow ups.  

OnePageCRM has enabled them to implement a better sales process, become more organized, pro-active and, as a result, increase sales by 40%!

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