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Integrations & Apps

We’ll never ask you to abandon the apps that work perfectly fine for you. In fact, we believe that they can only improve your OnePageCRM experience. With our powerful CRM integrations, you can forget about the struggle of switching between tabs. We also have unique and free apps built specifically for OnePageCRM users.

zapier crm integration

Automate your CRM with Zapier workflows

OnePageCRM works with Zapier, a workflow automation platform that connects to more than 5,000 apps.

With Zapier, you can automatically move data between your CRM and other apps that you use in your business every day.
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crm api

Don’t see you favorite app?

OnePageCRM has a free and powerful open API. You can use it to build your own CRM integrations with apps that we don’t connect with directly.

If you have any specific recommendations, reach out to us to make a request.

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FAQ on CRM Integrations

  • What is a CRM integration?

    A CRM integration is the connection between a CRM system and other software or application.
  • Why is a CRM integration important?

    Since CRM is the centerpiece of any business, CRM integrations make it possible to feed data from different apps into one system. This way, CRM software becomes the main point of reference when it comes to customer or lead data.
  • What are the benefits of CRM integrations?

    CRM integrations make customer relationship management easier, help streamline business processes, and centralize data.
  • What is CRM API?

    CRM API is a set of rules and protocols that allows different apps to interact with a CRM system. If there are no native integrations available with some of your apps, you can use developer's help to integrate your CRM with the preferred apps via API.

    API helps build custom integrations tailored to specific business needs.
  • How does OnePageCRM help boost your sales?

    OnePageCRM can become a core part of your sales ecosystem helping you to connect together all the different parts of your business from marketing, sales, support and accounting.

    By applying the GTD philosophy to sales, it helps small businesses stay focused and efficient. It keeps them on track with follow-up reminders and helps them to collaborate across their sales team.
  • How do you choose which apps to integrate with?

    We understand you might not know all the best apps around—it’s our job to save you time and tell you what apps will make a difference.

    Every single app added to our Integration page is handpicked. It’s either the best within it’s own category or we believe it has huge potential to become one.

    All the apps we choose will help you automate manual processes (we can guarantee this as we use them ourselves!).