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Seamless processes with mobile CRM

With our powerful mobile CRM apps, you don’t stop selling when away from your desktop. In fact, sometimes the field is where the rubber hits the road.

mobile crm

Run business straight from your phone

go-to CRM Features

Continue selling on the go

Our mobile CRM allows you to have access to the most important OnePageCRM features: the Action Stream, Contact View, and Sales Pipeline with all your deals.

It’s easy-to-use and syncs perfectly with the web version so you don’t need to worry about data loss.

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mobile crm

Use your CRM from any device

Capture leads, follow up with prospects, navigate to your next sales meeting, and collaborate with your team on the go. Android or iOS? Smartphone or tablet? No need to choose. Work the way that suits you.

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mobile crm
native mobile app

Log calls, notes and even emails

Call straight from your mobile CRM app and always remember where you left off with logged call notes.

You can also send emails directly from this mobile CRM. No lost communication, a copy of your email will be automatically stored in your account.
sales route planner

Navigate to clients with ease

Besides mobile CRM, we developed an AI-powered Route Planner that automatically builds optimal routes for you.

It works seamlessly with the OnePageCRM's mobile app and calculates the overall travel time, based on the most up-to-date traffic data, factoring in the average meeting time.

Save time, fuel, and focus on your winning pitch.
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free sales route planner
mobile crm video

See how it works

Have a look at how our mobile CRM apps can help you run your business from anywhere in the world.
free business card scanner
business card scanner

Get free Business Card Scanner

Besides mobile CRM, you can use our free Business Card Scanner to capture leads faster.

Take a quick picture of a business card, we'll automatically recognize the contact details and create a new contact in your CRM. No more business cards collecting dust on your desk or accidentally being forgotten at the hotel.

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free speed dialer

Speed dial your contacts

We also have a Speed Dialer app to help you make sales calls much faster.

Star a contact that has a Next Action and phone number and it’ll appear on your Speed Dialer list. This way, you can easily find the contacts you want to call and start dialing them straight away.

The Speed Dialer is part of the On the Road app functionality that is fully compatible with OnePageCRM mobile app:

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free speed dialer
mobile crm
team collaboration

Collaborate on the go

Distance shouldn’t interrupt your team’s flow.

Whether you’re working on a deal together or want to keep your boss in the loop, just @mention them in the notes, and they will immediately receive a push notification…and vice versa.

Connect OnePageCRM to your favorite apps

We offer different CRM integrations. For example, you can sync contacts between your Google account and OnePageCRM.

Check out all of our CRM integrations:
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    crm integrations
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Why businesses use OnePageCRM as their mobile CRM

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The centerpiece of your business

Besides its mobile functionality, this simple CRM has everything your business needs, so you don’t have to switch between different apps.
contact profile
Contact Details
Keep information about clients, partners, and all other contacts in a central database.
kanban sales pipeline
Deals & Pipeline
Manage sales deals, build pipelines, and send quotes without leaving your CRM.
email inbox
Email Inbox
Enable a two-way sync with your email client, track email opens, and create custom templates.
product catalog
Products & Services
Put your sales strategy into action, make the best of every opportunity, and convert more leads into paying clients.

The best mobile CRM for your business

We’ve built a CRM that lets you run your business on the go and stay in touch with clients even when you are not in front of your computer.
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FAQ about Mobile CRM

  • What is a mobile CRM?

    A mobile CRM is an app that helps businesses run their CRM from a mobile device, be it a tablet or a phone. A good mobile CRM has all the important features of the desktop CRM and allows businesses have quick and easy access to their contact database.
  • Why is mobile CRM important?

    Working on the go is becoming increasingly common in sales so you need a CRM which can keep up with you. We’re bringing OnePageCRM’s mobile app closer to our desktop version so you can manage your contacts seamlessly, both inside and outside the office.
  • What features should a mobile CRM have?

    — User-friendly interface. It should be easy to add notes to your mobile CRM, make calls, and edit contacts from a mobile device.
    — Team collaboration features. While running your business on the go, you still want to be in touch with the team.
    — Easy access to customer data. Your mobile CRM should allow you to quickly pull customer profiles.
    — Sales Route Planner. Ideally, your mobile CRM should have a free sales route planner for easier navigation between customer visits.
    — Business Card Scanner. As a small business, you and your team probably visit lots of different in-person events. A business card scanner can help you quickly upload new contacts to your mobile CRM.
  • Why small businesses choose OnePageCRM?

    OnePageCRM has several mobile apps: a mobile CRM, a Sales Route Planner (with a Speed Dialer), and a Business Card Scanner. They are all free for OnePageCRM users.

    Our mobile CRM is super easy with a clean interface and straightforward functionality. Besides, it lets you quickly call your starred contacts and collaborate with the team on the go.