It’s simple.

The more actions you make, the more you sell.
That’s why the Next Action™ philosophy is at the very heart of everything we do.
We strip away the admin to let you focus on closing.

For people-centered sales

Don’t close companies. Close people.
At the end of the day, they are the ones signing your deal.

Contacts at the heart of your sales process

Contacts at the heart of your sales process

At OnePageCRM, a contact profile is much more than a storage of contact info. It’s the centerpiece of your action process. Log calls and notes, add deals and set your next action to bring you one step closer to closing.

From lead to customer

From lead to customer

Company A is not your client; Jenn from the IT department is, while Rob from Sales is a hot prospect. Advance each of your contacts separately on a customer journey and track your progress.

All the contact details

All the contact details and activity on one page

No need to hop between pages trying to piece together the contact data. Get a detailed view of all related details, from contact info and associated deals to every logged call and corresponding Next Action. All on one scrollable page.

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