For sales teams working as one

As they say, if you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.
With our sales management software, collaborating with your team is easy. Close together, close more!

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Assign contacts and deals with sales management software

Assign contacts and deals

You think another member of your team will do better with a particular contact? Or maybe, as a sales manager, you want to even out the workload between your team? Just change the contact’s owner.

Sales management software for staying in the loop

Stay in the loop with the team’s activity feed

Want to know what your team is up to? Simply check the Activity feed! To get a clearer picture, in our sales management software, you can always filter the feed by specific team members or update types.

All it takes is a drag-and-drop

Leave notes, comments, and mentions

Post-its get lost, phone messages get accidently deleted. Keep all your comments and notes inside OnePageCRM, neatly allocated to a relevant contact. All you need to do is @mention a team member you want to be updated, and they will be instantly notified.

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