For salespeople who refuse to waste time on admin

Our sales automation CRM saves you time on the tasks that would usually take you hours a day to complete.
Let us take care of admin so you can focus on closing.

Generate leads with a click with Sales Automation CRM

Generate leads with a click

Thanks to our Chrome Clipper, you can source leads from anywhere on the Internet, with just one click. Not only will their contact details be automatically added to OnePageCRM, but you will be prompted to action them right away.

Enhance contacts with Sales Automation CRM

Enhance contacts

Life is too short for gathering contact info across all channels. That is why we do the work for you. In our sales automation CRM, populating contacts with social data takes just a click!

Sales Automation CRM for accelerating your workflow

Accelerate your workflow with pre-built actions

You found a perfect sequence of actions that just works. So why would you have to input them over and over again? That’s what the CRM automation is for! Just save these actions and use them as presets next time.

Set up deals faster...and smarter with sales automation CRM

Set up deals faster…and smarter

Similar deals, different customers? Set up a list of your most commonly used products or services once and you will never have to re-enter them manually again! Add your deal items with a click and leave calculating the totals to us.

Build and email quotes in 30 seconds

Build and email quotes in 30 seconds

Why do you have to waste time on gathering the deal info you already have just to send the quote? OnePageCRM generates the quote (and a pre-set email) with full deal’s details the moment you hit ‘Email quote’. So all you have to do is click ‘Send’.

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