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Learn with our free CRM Video Tutorial

Master OnePageCRM, one video at a time. Learn about the Next Action principle, how it can increase your sales and help you grow your business much faster than before.

crm video tutorial
crm video tutorial

Become a CRM Apprentice

Even masters go back to basics. Start here to lay a solid foundation to your sales CRM success (in just 15 minutes).

introduction to crm
04:20 MIN
01. Introduction to OnePageCRM
Learn what sets OnePageCRM apart from other CRM tools and get familiar with its user interface and features.
follow up reminders
02:23 MIN
02. Action Stream and Next Actions
Learn why Action Stream is the beating heart of our sales CRM and discover the power of the Next Action sales method.
contact management
01:49 MIN
03. Contact management
Learn the ins and outs of contact management in OnePageCRM. Discover the time saving and efficiency perks of keeping all contact-related info on one page.
account management
02:27 MIN
04. Organization view
Learn how the Account view in our CRM can help you track all contacts, deals, and sales activity associated with a company on one screen.
contacts segmentation
02:00 MIN
05. Shortlisting contacts
Learn how to use our CRM tool to quickly pull up the data you need when you need it. Compare the advantages of tags and statuses.
crm notes
01:33 MIN
06. Notes, calls, and deals
Want to add a note, log a call, or create a deal in just a couple of clicks? Learn how you can do it right from the contact page, without losing time on admin.
lead capture tool
01:09 MIN
07. Lead Clipper
Learn how you can capture leads from anywhere on the web in just a click. Let the trusted CRM take care of time-consuming data entry.

Become CRM Qualified

It’s time to get your hands dirty. Learn how to perfectly tune OnePageCRM to your sales needs (in under 12 minutes).

advanced crm search
01:24 MIN
01. Search
Learn how you can easily pull up the data you need by searching in Contacts or Activity and discover the power of the Advanced Search.
sales pipeline
02:13 MIN
02. Deals and sales pipeline
Managing your Pipeline in OnePageCRM is a breeze. Learn how you can make the most of Kanban and Forecast views and build Deals in a couple of clicks.
email management
02:05 MIN
03. Email management
Learn how powerful email CRM features like Bulk Send and Templates can keep your sales communications efficient and personal.
team collaboration
01:32 MIN
04. Team activity
Learn how to read the beating heart of your team's progress in our CRM, track the sales activity of a contact from one page, and find ways to improve.
bulk updates
02:08 MIN
05. Bulk updates
Learn how you can save time and reduce tedious admin by updating statuses, tags, owners, Next Actions, and other information at once.
crm integrations
02:31 MIN
06. Apps and integrations
Learn how you can easily connect your favorite apps to your sales CRM. Discover our native integrations that you can use for free.
Get CRM certification for free
Want to track your progress and get certified? Take the CRM Qualified course at the OnePageCRM Sales Academy!

Become a CRM Master

Are you ready for the Big League? Learn the advanced CRM tricks to fly through your sales process (in just 8 minutes).

task sequences
01:24 MIN
01. Saved Actions
Learn how to save time by automating repetitive tasks in your CRM. Accelerate your sales process, find the sequence that works best, and improve it over time.
crm custom fields
01:40 MIN
02. Custom fields
Discover how our sales CRM allows you to manage and store the data the way it suits your business. Learn how to use custom fields.
crm custom reports
01:24 MIN
03. Custom reports
Our CRM KPI reports are very easy to use. Discover how to generate a custom report in a click and get it regularly delivered to your inbox.
sales quoting
01:46 MIN
04. Quick Quotes
Discover how you can quickly generate and send professionally looking sales proposals straight from your CRM account. Time:
team management
01:54 MIN
05. Team collaboration
Learn how you can use mentions, assign Next Actions, change contact owners, and more to help you effortlessly collaborate with your team.
Want to track your progress and become a certified Sales CRM Expert? Take the CRM Master course at the OnePageCRM Sales Academy!
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