OnePageCRM: CRM software comparison

With so many different options out there, looking for the right CRM can be daunting. To make your decision easier, below we’ve compared OnePageCRM to other CRM systems. This CRM comparison includes detailed feature breakdown, as well as independent user rankings and reviews.

OnePageCRM is the only sales CRM that pushes you to take action. Rather than producing additional admin tasks of updating a database, it integrates into your sales process. OnePageCRM’s unique Next Action methodology ensures you follow up with every lead at exactly the right time. So nothing slips through the cracks.

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Remax on OnePageCRM vs Hubspot
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T-Mobile OnePageCRM vs Hubspot

Why choose OnePageCRM

Here are just some of the users that have increased their sales, boosted productivity, and built customer trust by choosing OnePageCRM vs other CRM solutions.

OnePageCRM creates a sales process, and all we have to do is follow it. As soon as one action is complete, we set the next one, and it creates a seamless line of sales actions that ultimately leads to us getting paid.

Thanks to OnePageCRM, we’ve doubled our sales to €250,000 last year alone!

Bruce Henry

Managing Director at MOTM Events

If my team haven’t logged in a note or a call with a client, I consider it to not have happened.

That is how intrinsic and important OnePageCRM is to our business. It’s our Bible. And the best thing is – I don’t open it up with trepidation. I open it with a smile on my face.

Ciara Crossan

Founder & CEO at Wedding Dates

Once I got a hold of OnePageCRM, I was hooked immediately. Since using it, I’ve increased my conversion rate by 50%.

It kept the deals in front of me and helped me with my sales process. I follow up when I’m supposed to and never drop the ball.

Richard Smith

Senior Vice President at Perimeter Commercial Real Estate

Rated as top CRM by salespeople

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