OnePageCRM vs Hubspot Detailed Comparison (2021)

A ‘Freemium’ CRM trap

When selecting a CRM, it might be tempting to look at the only criteria: price. And what price can be better than “free”? Unfortunately, as it’s often the case, the only free cheese is in the mousetrap. What starts as a free CRM, can either be severely limited on features or, most likely, have a steep upsell curve. In other words, a freemium CRM can lure you in with some basic features, but the moment you want to dig deeper or even access the features that are essential to your business (like custom reports or even email templates), it serves you with a bill. 

The problem is that at this point you’ve already invested time in setting up your account, importing your contacts, and maybe even onboarding your team. Now, you have 2 choices. Either to bite the bullet and pay the often extortionate fee or pack up and set on the search for a new CRM that requires time, investment, and plain commitment. Neither of the choices seem attractive. So before signing up for a “free” CRM, you might want to consider the pros, the cons, and what you’ll be really getting with your package.  

Is Hubspot CRM really free? 

Yes and no. It is free to sign up. And you do get access to basic CRM features, be it more tailored towards marketing than sales. However, some of the features that are listed as available on the free plan have unexpected limitations. For example, you’ll have access to only 5 email templates and 5 documents that you can send to your prospect. If you’re looking to run a sales email campaign, use email on a regular basis, and don’t have extra time to spare on admin, you might have a problem. And if you want to unlock more features, you’re looking at paying at least $50/month, with a minimum of 2 users on board. 

On top of that, to use Hubspot CRM you need to be confident that you won’t run into any issues along the way. Because, unfortunately, the free version of the CRM doesn’t offer any support. You’re on your own, kid. 

Find a CRM that fits your business needs

Before looking for a CRM (whether paid or free), it’s important to outline the features or aspects of the system that you require to successfully conduct your business. 

  • Do you do most of your sales on the go? Check if a CRM has a mobile app.
  • Do you heavily rely on email for your sales? Keep an eye out for a powerful email integration. 
  • Do you want to reduce your admin and repetitive tasks? Look for sales automation features in your CRM.
  • Do you think you’ll need help setting up or would prefer to have someone in easy reach to assist with any questions or issues? Pay close attention to the support options offered by a CRM. 

Below, we provided a detailed comparison of OnePageCRM vs Hubspot features, so you can select the option that fits your business best.

OnePageCRM vs Hubspot: What’s the difference?

OnePageCRM is an action-focused CRM, laser-focused on sales. It helps SMBs stay focused on the next best step for each lead and provides them with powerful tools to grow their business. With plans starting at $9.95/month, it delivers great value and an impeccable level of support.

Hubspot is a marketing platform that is also offering a CRM option. In its limited free version, it’s best suited for solopreneurs managing small operations or small businesses that are not prioritizing growth. It is best used in combination with the Hubspot marketing suite, which requires additional investment.

OnePageCRM vs Hubspot: Feature Comparison

  • Price
  • Free trial
  • Contacts
  • Data export/import
  • Email integration
  • Email templates
  • Import email history
  • Lead capture
  • Contact social data enhancement
  • Multiple sales pipelines
  • Custom reports
  • Sales forecasting
  • Roles & permissions
  • Targets & goals
  • Native mobile CRM apps
  • Customer Support
  • Hubspot
  • OnePageCRM vs Hubspot logo
  • Freemium, next Starter plan: $50/month
  • no (14 days for all-in-one marketing suite)
  • Limited (pay for every 1,000 marketing contacts)
  • (Only 5 available on Freemium)
  • ×
  • ×
  • ×
  • ×
  • ×
  • (From $500/month)
  • (From $1,200/month)
  • ×
  • email, in-app, NONE on Freemium
From $9.95/monthFrom $50/month
Free trial
21 days (no commitment)14 days
UnlimitedLimited (unless on Enterprise plan)
Data export/import
Email integration
Full (two-way) email sync
Lead capture
automatic with Lead Clipper×
Contact social data enhancement
Sales automation
Sales Quotes
(automatically generated)×
Deal management
Customizable sales pipeline
Custom reports
Sales Forecasting
Roles & permissions
Developer API support
Android Mobile App Ranking
iOS Mobile App Ranking
Customer support
phone, email, chat, screenshares email & chat

Choose OnePageCRM as a Hubspot Alternative: You’re in Good Company

Ryanair OnePageCRM customer
Remax on OnePageCRM vs Hubspot
Connacht Rugby on OnePageCRM vs Hubspot
T-Mobile OnePageCRM vs Hubspot

OnePageCRM vs Hubspot: User Reviews

Logo for Onepagecrm vs HubspotHubspot alternative
Ease of Use (G2)9.3/108.6/10
Ease of Setup (G2)9.5/108.3/10
Quality of Support (G2)9.4/108.5/10
Capterra User Rating4.8/54.5/5
GetApp User Rating4.8/54.5/5
Martin Leuschen OnePageCRM vs Hubspot

“OnePageCRM has been a game changer for our sales team. The Next Action sales method and Action Stream ensure we stay on track with leads, actions, and follow-ups. It’s simple and intuitive interface makes it one of the best CRM systems for SMB’s.”

Martin Leuschen

President at Computrek
Steve Elliott OnePageCRM vs Hubspot comparison

“Probably the best CRM available for ease of use and, more importantly, ROI. The idea of being accountable for the next action with a prospect makes all the difference. All other systems I have tried depend on the operator. OnePageCRM makes you take the next step automatically, even if that next step is to close the process.”

Steve Elliott

Owner at Thrifty Sites
MaryLynne Christman

“This is hands down the top CRM system that I have worked with. It is easy to navigate, it keeps you on track, it is integrated with many apps that I was already using. I have recommended OnePageCRM to many small business, solo-entrepreneurs and start-ups. Everyone has come back to me and said thank you. What is even more impressive every time I have a question, I get an immediate response, even from the CEO!”

MaryLynne Christman

Richard Smith Easy to Use CRM system

“I looked at at least a dozen of other systems. But once I got a hold of OnePageCRM, I was hooked immediately. Since using it I’ve increased my conversion rate by 50%. It’s kept the deals in front of me and helped me with my sales process. I follow up when I’m supposed to and never drop the ball. This system is easy, it makes the process kind of fun, and it has great support! I recommend OnePageCRM to everyone.”

Richard Smith

Senior Vice President at Perimeter Commercial Real Estate

Why choose OnePageCRM vs Hubspot

  • Get the best value for the full set of sales features (rather than a “free” glimpse).
  • Use a system that is made by and for salespeople rather than marketers.
  • Avoid pricey upsells to access basic sales-centric features.
  • Focus 100% on taking action and closing deals. NOT managing your contact or marketing database.
  • Follow up with every lead, on time, every time.
  • Keep all the information you need to close a contact on one scrollable page.
  • Generate leads in a click from any web page. 
  • Save time with smart sales automation features.
  • Generate and automatically email custom activity reports.
  • Enjoy the perks of the world-class, above-and-beyond customer support.
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