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What is a lead magnet: 16 best examples, ideas, and tips

Your marketing team is doing a great job creating killer content and attracting traffic to your site; providing you with the perfect opportunity to sell to an engaged audience.

But as we in sales know, you always need a final call to action to capture the lead. This is where lead magnets are especially useful.

In this post, we listed 16 ideas for gated content with real-life examples.

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How to sell more: 8 sales tips (+ actionable examples)

The pipes were old, so you’ve lost a deal. Wait, what?

Check out this practical guide to learn how Chaos Theory can be applied to sales, how to let go of the sales process components that you can’t control, and become a rock star at the ones you can.

Inside, there is a detailed guide to efficient sales, tons of research and cool graphs, and, of course, butterflies.

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[2023] The 3 Biggest Trends in Consulting and Professional Services Businesses

Is there anything you’ve been putting off for a while? Probably, there are quite a few things. Your growing business needs investments, new tools, more customers, etc.

Recently, several small business reports with relatively similar predictions for the next year have been published. And they all can be summarized in three trends.

Let’s dive a bit deeper into each trend and find out how you can leverage them in your business.

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7 Effective Ways to Increase Your Website Conversion Rate [With Examples]

What happens when people click on your website? Do they scroll through briefly without taking any action? If so, then you need to improve your website conversion rate.

While getting more traffic to your website is important, converting website visitors into customers is no small feat either.

In this article, we’ll talk about conversion rate optimization and how you can convert more website visitors into paying customers.

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