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The 47 best sales books of all time

We set a data analyst loose on the big sales communities of Reddit and Quora. After a huge data trawl of every post on those sites (the guy hasn’t slept in days!) he has pulled together the definitive list of the most recommended sales books of all time.

Here is a list of 47 best sales books of all times.

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7 steps to improve your sales team workflow with CRM

Working as part of the Customer Success team for almost three years, some of the top questions which arise are ‘how do I assign another team member a task’ or ‘can I be notified about a project’.

In today’s post, we’ll demonstrate how you can stay connected with your team members by looking at an example of a typical team’s organizational inside sales workflow.

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How to get a testimonial from a client (10 effective tactics)

Few, if any, marketing tools carry more clout than a positive testimonial from a satisfied customer, yet many businesses struggle to add this tactic to their marketing armory. Obtaining customer reviews, they’ll tell you, is no easy task.

In this blog post, we compiled 10 tips for getting valuable feedback from your customers.

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