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Simple CRM for consultants

With OnePageCRM, it's easy to keep clients at the heart of your consulting business. Nurture client relationships, follow up on time, expand network, and build a profitable business.


Why consultants & consulting firms choose OnePageCRM

follow up reminders
Bullet-proof follow-up
Use our bullet-proof follow-up system to add reminders with due dates to clients and leads and sort them by urgency.
simple crm
Simplicity & zero admin
Built on productivity principles, OnePageCRM helps consultants prioritize tasks and automate workflows.
task management
Proactive sales
OnePageCRM is the best CRM built for those who take action rather than store contact data.

OnePageCRM for consultants

Have a look at how OnePageCRM helps you grow your agency and increases sales.
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Grow your consulting business with OnePageCRM

Built for small businesses, OnePageCRM is well-known for its simplicity and unique features. Have a look at how this CRM can help you grow your consulting business.
Follow-up Reminders

Keep in touch with clients and leads

You can add a follow-up reminder or a task to any contact in OnePageCRM. All contacts are then arranged in a color-coded list, with the most urgent tasks floating to the top.

This way, you always know what needs to be done next, and nothing slips through the cracks. No more dead databases!
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prioritized list of tasks
crm email integration
full email sync

Focus only on work-related emails

Thanks to our smart AI-recognition system, only client-related emails are added to your CRM.

Enable the full email sync, send personalized emails in bulk straight from within your CRM, use free email templates, track opens, and much more!
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simple contact management

Get complete client profiles

Everything you need to know about your clients and leads—from their contact information to associated deals, call notes, emails, past interactions, and latest Activity—is on one scrollable page.
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all client info on one page

The best CRM for your team

  • email

    Shared inbox

    Connect individual inboxes to one shared inbox in your CRM. Even if someone goes on holiday, keep the conversations going.

  • Client Profile

    Tasks, notes and reminders

    Leave notes for anyone on your team about changes to a contact and easily assign tasks or deals to your colleagues.

  • Saved Actions

    Tasks, notes and reminders

    Monitor KPIs, keep an eye on the sales pipeline, identify bottlenecks—everything you need to track your team’s progress.

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best crm for teams

What consultants & advisors say about OnePageCRM

lead capture
automatic lead capture

Capture leads smarter and faster

Capture contact information from any web page or social media profile in a click and automatically create new CRM contacts with this data.

With OnePageCRM, getting new leads is easy!
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crm automation

Automate repetitive tasks

Do you have repetitive tasks? OnePageCRM can help you automate them so that you focus on building and nurturing relationships with clients.

Invoice clients in a click, send automatic follow-up emails after introductory calls, easily move leads through your pipeline, and much more.
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presaved tasks

Mobile CRM for consultants & advisors

OnePageCRM works on any platform and any device.
mobile crm
Send and log emails directly from your mobile CRM.
Use voice-to-text notes to save notes in your CRM.
speed dialer
Speed Dialer
Keep top leads at your fingertips with our Speed Dialer.
Starred Contacts
Star your VIP contacts to easily call them straight from your CRM.

Connect OnePageCRM to your favorite apps

OnePageCRM is a powerful consulting CRM that integrates with several apps to make sure that you have everything you need to boost your sales.
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OnePageCRM is the top-rated consulting CRM

MarKee Partners is a consulting business with a proven track record in commercializing medical devices in new and existing markets.

MarKee Partners needs to be aware of the recent market trends, reach out to different investors, provide personalized recommendations, and also use an effective follow-up system.

“OnePageCRM is our planning mechanism. We had used Trello before. And then I went like: you know what, OnePageCRM is just as functional, plus I get to stay in contact with my clients and assign information to a specific customer.”

Barry Marston of MarKee Partners
Barry Marston

MarKee Partners Co-Founder

Key features of the best consulting CRM

Whether you're a consultant, coach, or mentor, you'll benefit from the simplicity of OnePageCRM. It has only the features that help your business grow. No more fluff, multi-tier pricing plans, or a myriad of add-ons.
crm with tasks and reminders
Follow-up reminders
Actively manage relationships with clients and stay focused.
contact profile
Simple interface
We keep it simple. No need to pay for hundreds of features you’ll never need.
mobile crm
Multiple mobile apps
Use OnePageCRM’s mobile apps to run your small business on the go.
customer support
Top customer support
We are here to support your business growth and help you make the most of your CRM.
free trial
21-day free trial
No rush or pressure! Enjoy a 21-day free trial without entering your credit card details.
crm integrations
CRM integrations
Connect OnePageCRM with your favorite apps to boost your sales and grow faster.
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The consulting CRM you’ve been looking for

The consulting CRM that is built with small businesses in mind. It makes your follow-up process easy, helps you generate sales, and build long-term relationships. Simple and action-focused.
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CRM for Consulting & Consultants

  • What is a consulting CRM?

    CRM stands for customer relationship management.

    A consulting CRM system is a tool that helps consultants and consulting firms keep all client data organized and up-to-date.
  • Why do consultants need a CRM?

    Consultants rely on strong business relationships. That's why a good Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is the backbone of any consulting business.

    CRM is a central tool that helps consultants keep all client data organized and up-to-date. By choosing a good system, you'll be able to build long-lasting relationships with clients, partners, and other stakeholders.

    Consultants often run small businesses that don't have as many resources as large corporations do. A proper CRM system can help you automate repetitive tasks and focus on value-added activities that contribute to your business growth.
  • Why do consulting businesses choose OnePageCRM?

    As the only action-focused CRM in the world, OnePageCRM helps consultants build their business around their clients.

    Every contact in OnePageCRM has a dedicated Contact Page with all important information: from their contact details to email threads and call notes. This way, consultants always have full client profiles in front of them.

    Besides, in OnePageCRM, you can set tasks and follow-up reminders next to any contact. This CRM will remind you when it's time to get in touch with a new client or re-connect with an old one.

    OnePageCRM is also one of the simplest CRMs for consultants. Small consulting companies around the world use OnePageCRM every day to grow their business.
  • What are the benefits of a consulting CRM?

    — Use an interactive sales pipeline to close deals faster.
    — Visualize relationships in your network to build stronger connections.
    — Set follow-up reminders next to any contact in your database to generate repeat business.
    — Automate repetitive tasks to save time and focus on building trust instead.
    — Have full client profiles in front of you to provide a personalized experience.
  • What are the top three features of a consulting CRM?

    1. Follow-up reminders

    Clients are at the heart of your consulting business. But simply finding more clients is not enough to grow sales or get more referrals. You need to nurture these relationships.

    With the unique Next Actions feature, you can rest assured that you'll never forget about any client in your database.

    2. Workflow automation

    A small consulting business doesn't need complex automation tools but there are, for sure, a few repetitive tasks that can be automated.

    By setting triggers in your CRM, you can speed up a few processes. For example, you can trigger automatic emails each time you add a note after a call with a new client. See Autoflow for more information.

    3. Project management

    Every client is different so you probably have a few different projects running simultaneously.

    Once you start getting more and more clients, it's easy to get overwhelmed but with a proper consulting CRM system, you can store all project-related documents on the contact's individual page, easily move deals like projects from one stage to another on the Kanban board, and keep an eye on the most important metrics in your CRM dashboard.