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New Zealand Trails: From CRM Hardships to Sales Productivity

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Dan Lacey, Marketing Manager at New Zealand Trails speaks confidently about how OnePageCRM helps them ‘do it all’. Since finding OnePageCRM three years ago, they’ve increased Sales productivity by a whopping 20% and saved oodles of time on admin.

However, this hasn’t always been the case. New Zealand Trails have come a long way to achieve sales productivity, from using no CRM at all, to getting lost in over-complicated setups and un-tracked emails. Read their story…

New Zealand Trails are adventure tour specialists that started in 2013 by a handful of travel veterans, each with decades of experience operating adventure tours in New Zealand and elsewhere. Their aim is to share the beautiful country of New Zealand with like-minded souls in the best way imaginable.

Before OnePageCRM

The old days – an organization nightmare

Dan’s colleagues recall the times when folders, pieces of paper, and post-its were where customers’ data was logged. When a phone or email inquiry came through, the team would hectically go through notes and countless email threads feverishly trying to track previous conversations and relevant information.

It was an organizational nightmare for the team and a source of frustration for a customer who was looking for a quick update. While their staff was highly experienced and knew what they were doing, their system (or lack of) was simply unsustainable and failed completely when it came to onboarding new team members.

It didn’t take long to learn how to use OnePageCRM. I was shown how to do it once and picked it up off the bat because the things that should be simple are simple in OnePageCRM

Dan Lacey, Marketing Manager, New Zealand Trails

On the hunt for the best CRM

Realizing the inefficiency of their old system, New Zealand Trails went in search of suitable CRM software. However, it proved to be harder than expected.

They were looking for a system that was a) easy to set up and b) had a seamless integration with their email marketing system — Mailсhimp.

None of the CRMs they’d tried at the time could offer this functionality. Without the integration, their leads were still getting lost in their inbox, bringing them back to square one.

After OnePageCRM

Reformed lead management across all departments

It took New Zealand Trails just one week to be fully operational with OnepageCRM, Dan recalls. The days of messy post-its and lost emails are truly over. With OnePageCRM, all calls and specific information related to the contact get individually tracked in its timeline.

Now, when a client phones New Zealand Trails, all they need to do is search for the contact’s name in OnePageCRM and all the related data comes up.

They use the Mailсhimp Forms integration and “the workflow is seamless”; when an inquiry comes in from their online form, a contact is automatically created in OnePageCRM. This new lead then gets smoothly and quickly picked up by the inquiry team for a follow-up.

Mailchimp Forms CRM integration

But it’s not just the inquiry team that gets to play with OnePageCRM. New Zealand Trails use OnePageCRM across all departments. Their Operations team benefits from the organized way contacts can be segmented and exported.

While the Marketing team uses OnePageCRM to pinpoint the different types of leads using custom fields, tags, and status labels. Based on the different segments they run targeted email campaigns for each type of lead or customer.

This way, they know their email campaigns are focused on the right group of contacts and can send out their communication with confidence.

mailchimp crm integration
crm with bulk email send

All the information in OnePageCRM can be accessed by any member of their team — from the tenured employees to the new hires which keeps everyone in the loop.

mark With OnePageCRM, we’re always on top of our game when our customers get in touch Dan Lacey, Marketing Manager at New Zealand Trails

Simple and effective follow-up system

Their follow-up process is seamless. In fact, 100% of their leads get followed up without ever being lost in the sales funnel.

Using OnePageCRM has helped us create a follow-up system that allows us not to miss a beat! Dan Lacey, Marketing Manager at New Zealand Trails

They use OnePageCRM’s Next Actions to remind them of the next required step and push them to advance in their customers’ journey.

20% increase in sales productivity

For New Zealand Trails, OnePageCRM has become a long-searched solution for organizing their sales and marketing process.

They use both integrations with MailChimp, helping multiple teams – the Inquiry and Marketing teams streamline their daily operations and ensure they are focused on the right targets.

Even if our enquirers aren’t interested today, 20% of them end up coming back because of our focused marketing strategy implemented with OnePageCRM. Dan Lacey, Marketing Manager at New Zealand Trails

The biggest bonus of all is the amount of time they’ve shaved off their administration.

OnePageCRM’s follow-up system saves us at least 10 hours per week in administration work and this is critical to our success. Dan Lacey, Marketing Manager at New Zealand Trails
New Zealand Trails team

So with a bulletproof follow-up system, neatly kept contact information at their fingertips, and strictly focused email campaigns, their team is always on the ball, and their customers — satisfied.

If you’d like to reduce admin and increase sales just like New Zealand Trails, get in touch by emailing or tweet us @OnePageCRM with #AskOnePageCRM.

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