For the perfect bond between your email and your CRM

We don’t want you to choose between your main sales channel (your email) and your CRM.
We made sure they work in perfect sync, saving you precious time.

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Email CRM send directly

Benefit from full email sync

No more hopping between your email client and your CRM! Thanks to the two-way email sync, you can send, receive, and reply to emails straight from OnePageCRM, with each email safely logged. We’ll sync only sales-related emails, so you can stay focused on closing!

Use custom templates for email CRM

Create and use custom templates

Need to send similar emails at every sales stage? Don’t reinvent your sales wheel and simply use a template. With inserted variables, each email will sound personal and you can customize them even further.

Send emails in bulk...with a personal touch in email crm

Send personalized emails in bulk

No more tedious repetition of sending the same email over and over. Send them all at once from our email CRM, with no danger of sounding spammy. Customize the details you need without wasting time on full rewrites.

Email CRM open tracking

Track email opens

What’s the point in sending multiple follow-up emails before your lead opens the first one? Know exactly when and how many times the contact has opened your email, so you can strike while the iron is hot!

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