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Powerful email communication

Sync your email client with OnePageCRM, keep all work-related communication in a dedicated inbox, and send—as well as receive—emails from your CRM.

email management

Keep all important emails in one place

powerful & smart email sync

Filter out non-sales emails

Enable a sync between OnePageCRM and your email client. OnePageCRM will automatically recognize and store only those emails that have a corresponding contact in the system.

Make sure that only work-related communication is saved in your CRM. No more sifting through several inboxes.
email integrations

OnePageCRM has a powerful email integration at its very heart. Not only do we integrate with your email client but we also have a variety of sales- and business-focused features.

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no spam
100% email deliverability

Avoid spam filters and firewalls

Send and receive emails in OnePageCRM using your connected email address. We guarantee you 100% email deliverability.

We also don't change your email alias (for example, to some random email address. This way, your emails don't end up in the prospect's Social Inbox or Spam folder.
mass email communication

Send in bulk with a personal touch

Send personalized and fully authentic emails in bulk. Each email in Bulk Send is delivered individually to every prospect and feels 100% genuine and personal. Even if you send hundreds of emails at once, your clients and prospects won't notice this.

Have full control over your mass communication. You can tweak each email in Bulk Send before sending it (in case you want to make a specific change for a specific recipient). This is what we call personalization at scale!
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mass email communication
email management video

See how it works

Have a look at how OnePageCRM streamlines email communication.
email open tracking
email open tracking

Track the number of email opens

With email open tracking, you can see when clients and prospects open your emails—and even how many times they did it.

This can help you determine their interest, find the best time to follow up, and keep the conversation going.
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organized email history

Never lose important email threads

When several team members email the same client from different email addresses, enable two-way sync for everyone and have all relevant email threads neatly organized on the client's individual page in your CRM.

They'll be accessible to anyone and will be there even if a team member leaves your company. You'll always know where you left off in a conversation without sifting through multiple inboxes or forwarding each other lots of email threads.
email history
free email templates
free templates for rapid responses

Save time with custom templates

Create and save email templates directly in OnePageCRM to quickly communicate with your prospects and scale your communication.

Add pre-determined attachments to templates, insert sales quotes in one click, and set variables to keep your templates personal.

Connect OnePageCRM to your favorite apps

crm integrations
    crm integrations
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Why businesses use OnePageCRM for email management

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The centerpiece of your business

Besides its follow-up functionality, this simple CRM has everything your business needs, so you don’t have to switch between different apps.
contact profile
Contact Details
Keep information about clients, partners, and all other contacts in a central database.
kanban sales pipeline
Deals & Pipeline
Manage sales deals, build pipelines, and send quotes without leaving your CRM.
email inbox
Email Inbox
Enable a two-way sync with your email client, track email opens, and create custom templates.
product catalog
Products & Services
Put your sales strategy into action, make the best of every opportunity, and convert more leads into paying clients.

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Retrieve email history

Retrieve email history

New to OnePageCRM? Fetch historical emails to make sure that even past interactions are logged into your CRM.
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Add files to email templates

Add files to email templates

In OnePageCRM, email templates can also have attachments. This is especially handy when you need to send a pitch deck.
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Leverage email marketing

Leverage email marketing

Send email marketing campaigns to your leads to warm them up and bring them closer to the sale.
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Exclude emails you don’t need

Exclude emails you don’t need

You don’t need all emails in your CRM. In OnePageCRM, you can choose which email addresses should be excluded from the sync.
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Capture leads from inbox

Capture leads from inbox

With Lead Clipper, you can capture lead’s contact details from your inbox to create new contacts in your CRM.
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Create contact segments

Create contact segments

Segment your customers in groups for better communication.
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The best CRM
with email integration

We’ve built a CRM that lets you easily send and receive emails and tune down the noise. With OnePageCRM, email communication is both easy and effective.
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Email Hub inside your CRM

  • What types of emails can I send from the CRM?

    You can both send and receive emails within OnePageCRM.

    You can send newsletters or do promo campaigns by sending bulk emails to groups of clients, investors, or partners straight from within your CRM.

    With OnePageCRM, you can keep your Gmail or Outlook email address when reaching out to clients and leads from your CRM.

    This way, your communication comes across authentic and not automated (and is stored within your CRM account instead of being scattered across different inboxes).
  • What emails do you sync to the CRM?

    We sync only the email communication between you and the contacts you have in your CRM system.

    All personal communication remains private in your inbox and no one has access to it.

    You can enable an automatic sync between your CRM and email client or a manual sync. We will only pull emails to and from contacts you already have in OnePageCRM. You do not want to share your private emails with your colleagues, right?
  • What if I receive an email from a contact that is not in my CRM yet?

    If you receive an email from a new prospect and want to keep it in your CRM, you can easily create a new contact in OnePageCRM, using our Bcc feature.
  • What are the benefits of CRM email integration?

    All contact-related emails are stored on the individual Contact Page. This means that anyone from your team can have access to these emails without asking you to forward an email threads.

    Besides, you can easily find all the past email conversations with a specific client without the frustration of going through your whole inbox or asking team members if they had any individual email exchanges with a client.
  • Does OnePageCRM have email marketing features?

    OnePageCRM integrates with ActiveCampaign, Mailchimp, and a few other marketing automation tools.

    By integrating OnePageCRM with email marketing software, for example, Mailchimp, you can combine the power of both your CRM and email marketing software.
  • Does OnePageCRM use Gmail or Outlook?

    Why choose if you can have both?

    OnePageCRM integrates with both Gmail and Outlook.

    At the moment, OnePageCRM connects to Gmail or Google Apps email accounts as well as Hotmail, and any IMAP account (e.g., Yahoo, Apple iCloud or your business domain email account configured on your email client, e.g. Outlook).

    However, if your email account is on an Exchange Server you might ask your IT administrator if it’s IMAP support is enabled – if yes, you can use it without any problems.
  • Are there any email parsers I can use?

    Yes, we built Lead Clipper.

    This is a free app for parsing contact data from any web page, including the Outlook inbox. It takes just one click to parse the email page—and OnePageCRM will automatically detect contact details and create a new contact in your CRM.

    Lead Clipper is a free data parsing tool that automates the process of data entry by automatically detecting and extracting contact information from web pages and emails. You can easily extract details such as a contact's name, their job title, company name, email address, and much more.
  • How does this email integration work?

    If you want to see other team members’ correspondence with a contact they will have to enable the integration on their accounts.

    Without it, only your correspondence will be visible in OnePageCRM.

    Note that for privacy reasons we do not pull correspondence sent / received prior to the moment you enabled the integration.
  • What if I don't want to sync some emails to my CRM?

    Not all emails are created equal. And some require more privacy than others. That’s why, we’ve introduced three important rule: You can select which email addresses to exclude.

    Perhaps, you don’t want to mix emails from your leads with the ones from your vendors.

    All you need to do is add their email addresses to the List of globally excluded emails and your conversations with them won’t be stored in OnePageCRM.
  • What happens with emails from other CRM users?

    Emails from other OnePageCRM users are automatically excluded.

    Some of your internal communication is better to remain private.

    After all, the whole team doesn’t really need to know about Jack’s vacation plans. This way, we keep your email stream clutter-free and your team relationships intact.

    And if you want to update your team member on a sales-related topic, you can always @mention them in a note!
  • Will you notify me if someone re-enables the email sync?

    You’ll be notified about re-enabled sync.

    Sometimes you might want to keep more sensitive conversations, like, for example, the ones related to financial or security issues, outside of your CRM.

    And that’s no problem. You can simply disable email sync for those contacts in just one click.

    And if at any point one of your team members decides to re-enable it, you will get instantly notified by email so you can take appropriate action.