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Read receipts for Outlook & Gmail

Start tracking email opens in Gmail and Outlook, make sure your emails are read, and time your follow-ups correctly. Email opens tracking for Gmail and Outlook has never been easier.

Email Tracking for Gmail and Outlook

Get read receipts in Outlook & Gmail

Email opens tracking

Start tracking your emails

Gain insights into how your emails are performing.

Begin monitoring when your emails get opened, by whom, and how frequently.

This gives you a clear picture of engagement levels and allows you to optimize your cold outreach strategy.
Email Tracking for Gmail and Outlook
Email Tracking for Gmail and Outlook
Email opens time

Time your follow-ups

When it comes to effective follow-ups, timing is everything.

See not only IF your emails were opened, but also WHEN recipients viewed them.

With these powerful insights, you can identify the optimal time to follow up while interest is high and maximize your chances of meaningful conversations.
Email read receipts

Make sure your emails are read

Keep wondering if your cold emails are actually being read or getting lost in an inbox abyss?

OnePageCRM solves that dilemma.

Get valuable insights and ensure your emails resonate with recipients.
Email Tracking for Gmail and Outlook
Email Tracking for Gmail and Outlook
Email opens count

Gauge your recepient's interest

Are your emails truly resonating?

See how many times the recipients viewed them. Multiple opens could signal strong interest.

By gauging interest levels, you can prioritize hot leads, tailor your sales pitch, and ensure you're striking the right chords.
Perfect email sync

Only track the right emails

With great tracking power comes great responsibility.

Track opens only of the emails sent to your CRM contacts. No snooping around your personal emails!

Rest assured, you're only tracking business emails.
Email Tracking for Gmail and Outlook
Email Tracking for Gmail and Outlook
Email collaboration

Create a Shared Inbox

Email is a team sport.

Not only can your whole team access and respond to emails from a centralized location, but you'll all benefit from open tracking insights.

See when an important prospect engages with your company's email, even if it wasn't sent by you. Draft emails together, tag each other in notes, and much more!
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Integrate with Gmail or Outlook

Enable full two-way sync with Gmail and Outlook and ensure 100% deliverability of your emails.
email tracking in gmail and outlook
    email tracking in gmail and outlook
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Why businesses choose OnePageCRM

The centerpiece of your business

Besides email tracking, OnePageCRM has all essential features your business needs, so you don’t have to switch between different apps. It's all in one place!
contact profile
Contact Details
Keep information about clients, partners, and all other contacts in a central database.
kanban sales pipeline
Deals & Pipeline
Manage sales deals, build pipelines, and send quotes without leaving your CRM.
product catalog
Products & Services
Put your sales strategy into action, make the best of every opportunity, and convert more leads into paying clients.
email inbox
Email Inbox
Enable a two-way sync with your email client, track email opens, and create custom templates.

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We’ve built a CRM that lets you easily send and receive emails, collaborate with the team, and track email opens. With OnePageCRM, email communication is both easy and effective.
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