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Discover OnePageCRM with Video Tooltips

In the fast-paced business environment, an early start can be a competitive advantage. And with easy-to-use tools, you don’t need detailed instructions, one-hour webinars, or five-page documents to get started.

Sometimes a 30-second video is enough.

And that’s why we’ve been looking forwad to introducing Video Tooltips to OnePageCRM users!

Product Updates

Autoflow: Automate Repetitive Tasks in Three Steps

Sales automation provides many benefits to small and medium-sized businesses. You can eliminate repetitive admin work, focus on building relationships and keep your team workflow consistent.

Sometimes automation might come across as expensive or too technical. But with the right CRM system, it shouldn’t be complicated.

That’s why we’re excited to introduce Autoflow, a new automation tool in OnePageCRM. It’s simple to use, can free up your time, and boost productivity.

Product Updates

Merge Import: An Easy Way to Update Your Contacts

There are multiple ways to display contact information.

In the beginning, a simple spreadsheet is enough. But as your business grows and your customer database becomes bigger, you need more functionality to provide your clients with top-level experience.

In other words, you need a CRM system.

But can you use a CRM system as seamlessly as a spreadsheet?

If it’s OnePageCRM, you can.

Product Updates

Introducing Two-Factor Authentication

Sales professionals deal with sensitive data every day. And data security has been of great importance to OnePageCRM from the very beginning. So we’ve been keeping up with the latest trends, including two-factor authentication (2FA).

You can now enable 2FA in OnePageCRM.

But before you do this, let’s quickly review what 2FA is and how it complements our existing security settings.

Product Updates
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