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Attach Files to Email Templates: Effortless Email Communication

At OnePageCRM, we do everything to increase your efficiency and save you as much time as possible. We ensure that whatever stage you are at in your sales process, we provide maximum productivity This way you can dedicate all your time on the Next Actions, rather than on extra admin work.

We know you have dozens of emails to send every day. So instead of typing out the same email every single time, simply create Email Templates, and use the variables to automate the manual process of personalizing your emails.

But that’s not all! You can now attach files to your email templates from your local device, Google Drive, Dropbox, or the OnePageCRM Documents page.

Product Updates

Close More with Email at the Heart of Your Sales

A powerful email integration is at the very heart of our Next Gen release.

We don’t want to replace the email client you’re so used to. Instead, we want to enhance it by bringing together a number of business-focused features that your email client simply doesn’t have.

From sales-focused email flow to bulk email send, and from tracking opens to retrieving email history, we make sure that your email communication is fast, efficient, and, most importantly, leads to more sales.

Product Updates

New feature: Send super-personalized emails at scale

The ideal combination of our dynamic email templates and in-app Bulk Send, helps deliver fully authentic emails like no other application. OnePageCRM’s Bulk Email Send is the sweet spot between the time-consuming writing of individual emails and standard bulk-emailing applications. Using this new feature, your emails can be created at lightning speed, feel 100% authentic… Read More

Product Updates

Integrate OnePageCRM with Mailchimp for email marketing

Introducing the latest update to our Mailchimp integration—an app that has been with us almost from the beginning. With this latest update, you can automatically push your OnePageCRM contacts to one coherent list in Mailchimp. To help you segment them further, you can push not only basic data like First Name or Last Name, but… Read More

Product Updates

Beta: Integrate your email client with OnePageCRM

When you’re trying to sell your products or services each additional piece of information with the prospect can help you to build a perfect strategy and ask the right question at the relevant stage of the sales funnel. Since emails are the most common way of reaching out to customers I’m sure you want to see the whole email correspondence with a contact (from any one in your team) within OnePageCRM. Now you can.

Product Updates
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