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3 smart tips for managing remote sales teams

The role of a sales rep has evolved to the point where they now have the flexibility to work from wherever, whenever. This flexibility allows companies to hire and attract remote talent that would have been unavailable to them in the past. Studies show that remote work may even increase the productivity of your team.… Read More

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Manage Your Team’s Access Like a Pro with Focused User

Sometimes, to do their best work, sales reps need to remove distractions and concentrate only on their own tasks.

That is where Focused User comes into play!

Users that are set as Focused will only see their own contacts, deals, and activity. They won’t see or be distracted by the Team Stream either, so they can stay laser focused on their targets.

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OnePageCRM Sales Talks: How to Adapt Your Team to the New Reality and Reinvent Sales

Now is the perfect time to seek and realize new opportunities. It’s time to focus on nurturing a strong team that’s adjusting to going remote. To reinvent your approach to sales and support your customers. And to find new ways to reach your prospects and re-evaluate your targets.

We’ve invited three top professionals from Zapier, SellMark360, and Help Scout to share their insights, experience, and strategies for these times. Join our webinar on Thursday, May 28th to learn how to implement them in your business!

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Sales Managers: Use These 5 Strategies to Drive Consistent Sales Performance

This post by Jordan Wan was originally published on the CloserIQ blog. CloserIQ is a sales recruiting platform connecting top sales talent and startups. When it comes to sales performance, consistency is what separates the good from the great. How often have you witnessed a rep having a record period—followed by spats of mediocre performance?… Read More

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