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How to get a testimonial from a client (10 effective tactics)

Few, if any, marketing tools carry more clout than a positive testimonial from a satisfied customer, yet many businesses struggle to add this tactic to their marketing armory. Obtaining customer reviews, they’ll tell you, is no easy task.

In this blog post, we compiled 10 tips for getting valuable feedback from your customers.

Sales Insights

Startup customer care

As a startup, you get daily feedback from your users. As the one in charge of customer care – you’re between the wills of the developers and the users. Some people report bugs, some suggest new features, and some just don’t understand the product. At Brisk, we haven’t reached the point where we started to… Read More

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Customer success: The second sales round

A customer success team needs to be just as persistent as their colleagues – in order to keep the promises of the sales reps. This is a series of blogposts where we get inside the head of salespeople – tools, tips, tactics, and processes. We ask them and summarize it for you. Cameron Gibbons works… Read More

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How to get customers to keep coming back

If you’re selling anything today, it’s time to get used to the new reality. You aren’t in charge; your customers are. Whether your customers are baby boomers or millennials, your job is to deliver on their expectations so you can make the sale. And customers have higher expectations than ever before, making customer retention, all… Read More

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5 ways to win your customers trust with content

Before you can manage your customer relationships, you must first build them. So much business happens online that you don’t always meet customers face to face. One thing that hasn’t changed in the Internet age is that people prefer to do business with people and companies they know, like and trust. If you think about… Read More

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Integrate OnePageCRM with Xero for accounting

Introducing the long awaited integration with Xero – an amazing accounting software for small businesses. You can use Xero to manage invoicing, reconciliation, accounts payable and bookkeeping. Once you connect our two apps you will be able to create a draft of an invoice right from within OnePageCRM! It’s a huge time saver as all the… Read More

Product Updates

Integration with Help Scout

Every business needs to support its customers. Answering support emails, logging notes and creating help articles for customers is probably a part of your company’s everyday effort to deliver great products and services. So why not do it in style? Introducing our latest integration with Help Scout – an awesome help desk application. What is… Read More

Product Updates
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