18 resources that will help increase your affiliate sales

18 Resources That Will Help You Sell More Through Affiliate Marketing

It’s very easy to start with affiliate marketing. There are low entry costs, a wide variety of programs to choose from, and no investment requirements.

No wonder it’s becoming increasingly popular.

But affiliate marketing is a skill. And like any other skill, it takes time to master.

In this blog post, we collected 18 resources that will help you upskill your affiliate marketing game and increase your affiliate sales.

1. Digital marketing

Before we dive into specific skills needed for successful affiliate marketing campaigns, let’s first have a look at two general resources. 

After all, affiliate marketing falls under digital marketing. So it’s a good place to start (or grow) your affiliate business.

1. Fundamentals of digital marketing: This is probably one of the most famous free digital marketing courses on the internet. It is provided by Google and covers a wide range of topics: content marketing, business strategy, advertising, e-commerce, email marketing, search engine marketing, SEO, and much more.

2. Neil Patel’s Digital Marketing Blog: Forbes named Neil one of the top 10 online marketers. His blog posts are popular not only with those who have just started their digital marketing journey but also with those who’re looking for ways to build on their knowledge.

By the way, Neil was a guest speaker at one of the OnePageCRM’s webinars and shared tips on how to increase traffic to your website and click-through rate. We highly recommend checking out this webinar for everyone who wants to increase their affiliate sales!

Lead generation webinar with Neil Patel

2. Copywriting

3. Copywriting for Conversions: This is a free video course that consists of 8 modules. It takes around 1.5-3 hours to complete and covers a wide range of topics: from writing product reviews to creating content that brings conversions (an affiliate dream!).

4. Copywriting for beginners: This course is available on the Skillshare platform and promises to show how to come up with the right words to generate sales. Although Skillshare requires a paid subscription, you can watch this course for free during the 7-day trial. And since this course is just 1-hour long, you can find plenty of other short courses to watch during the trial. 

5. Ogilvy on Advertising: Affiliate marketing is a type of advertising so you might want to go back to the very basics. Although not all sections in David Ogilvy’s book are relevant today (the book was written in 1985), there’s a section on the secrets behind advertising and tips on how to write copy that people will actually read. 

6. The Adweek Copywriting Handbook: While Ogilvy’s book provides the foundation for anyone interested in advertising and marketing, the Adweek handbook is dedicated specifically to copywriting and provides expert advice on how to write compelling copy. And the good thing is that you can test these tips in your affiliate campaigns.

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3. Content Marketing

7. Content Marketing Institute: If you are not a fan of videos or books, you can check out Content Marketing Institute, one of the most reputable resources on content marketing. The website has blog posts written by leading content marketers who share their expert tips and case studies. And you can also sign up for their newsletter.

8. Content Marketing Foundations: LinkedIn Learning has a variety of introductory courses. This one provides a short intro to content marketing (just under one hour). Definitely worth checking out if you’re short on time and just need a starting point for your affiliate marketing skills.

9. Blogging for business: In this 4-hour free course, Ahrefs covers all the basic steps needed to create a successful business blog: from analyzing traffic potential to promoting content via different channels.

10. Semrush blog: Although Semrush is a keyword research tool, they have a great blog on content marketing. Most of their blog posts are comprehensive and have actionable recommendations that you can put into practice as you go.

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4. Search engine optimization (SEO)

11. Ahrefs YouTube channel: YouTube is a good alternative to courses for those who don’t like schedules and curricula. When you are browsing YouTube, you are the one choosing how to structure your learning path, what videos to watch next, etc. Ahrefs has a collection of very good YouTube videos on SEO. You can find Ahrefs videos that cover theory or those that describe practical steps needed to update your WordPress website, optimize content for keywords, and much more. 

12. Free SEO training: SEO for beginners: If you have WordPress, you probably know about Yoast. It’s one of the most famous website optimization plugins. They have a good blog covering SEO-related topics and they also offer a free course on SEO basics if you’re new to the SEO world.

13. Backlinko: Backlinko’s blog posts have actionable tips, case studies, and how-to guides on on-page and off-page optimization and—very important—link building. Link building is fundamental for affiliate success. And Backlinko has a number of good blog posts on different link-building techniques.

5. Social media marketing

14. Tips for Growing Your Followers & Going Viral: Another good course by Skillshare. Even if you’re a pro at social media marketing, sometimes it’s good to take a step back and listen to a different perspective.

15. Graphic Design Basics: Social media and visuals go hand in hand. While it’s better to join affiliate programs that provide marketing materials, sometimes you need to create banners on your own. 

16. Social Media Today: Social media is rapidly evolving. Similar to Google, there are new updates being rolled out every month on Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, etc. Social Media Today is a website that can help affiliate marketers stay on top of social media algorithm changes and new features (they also have a newsletter if you prefer this method of communication).

6. Email marketing

17. Email Marketing Bootcamp: Some affiliates use emails to promote their affiliate links and get leads. If you’re into email marketing, check out Mailchimp’s Academy courses (they are free but you need to create a Mailchimp account first).

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7. Sales

18. OnePageCRM’s collection of sales courses: We compiled a collection of free and short sales courses that will help you improve your sales skills. 

What skill should affiliate marketers focus on first?

The answer will depend on what industry you are in, your previous experience, current skills, and many other factors. An aspiring affiliate marketer needs a broad skillset to achieve consistent high performance.

But even if you lack SEO knowledge or have never worked in sales before, affiliate marketing is still an exciting business to be in. It has low entry requirements and provides a lot of room for growth and experimentation.

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