A sales professional is caring a pile of notes from online sales courses

Top 7 Online Sales Courses with Free Certificates [Under One Hour]

Online learning has become an integral part of our lives. 

There are thousands of high-quality courses available on the internet. But while many of these courses are free, not all of them offer free certifications.

That’s why we compiled a list of 7 sales-related courses that provide great insights and also include free certificates that you can add to your LinkedIn profile and showcase your achievements.

And there’s more: every course takes about one hour to complete. The “learn-as-you-go” approach at its finest!

So let’s have a look (all courses’ names are hyperlinks to the relevant pages).

1. Sales CRM Expert Certificate

44 minutes | OnePageCRM

From learning the Next Action sales method to managing your pipeline and automating repetitive tasks, this three-part course can help you revamp your sales CRM skills.

2. Sales Negotiation

58 minutes | LinkedIn

Lisa Earle McLeod, a bestselling author and sales coach, has helped companies like Google and Roche build successful sales organizations. In this course, you’ll learn how to negotiate, when not to negotiate, what negotiation approaches exist, and much more.

3. Asking Great Sales Questions

50 minutes | LinkedIn

Asking the right question is only half the success. How do you ask the right question the right way? In sales, there’s a thin line between being helpful and intrusive. This course digs deeper into how sales professionals can create meaningful connections, build long-lasting relationships, and drive credibility.

4. Soft Skills for Sales Professionals

1 hour 6 minutes | LinkedIn

Building customer trust requires consistency and emotional intelligence. In the big data world, it’s easy to neglect the importance of listening and communicating. In this course, Meridith Elliott Powell, a business strategist and instructor, explains how sales professionals can improve their collaboration skills and build empathy.  

5. Handling Objections in Sales

40 minutes | LinkedIn

In sales, your success depends not only on how good you are at negotiations but also on whether you are able to meet objections with confidence. For example, what should you do when a buyer disagrees with the price of your service or product? In this course, you’ll learn about the most common objections that come up during the sales process, how to prepare for them and how to respond. 

6. Sales Closing Strategies

38 minutes | LinkedIn

Closing sales is one of the hardest skills to master. In this course, Dean Karrel, a trainer and sales executive for over 30 years, shares tips on developing a successful closing strategy. If you’ve been wondering for a while about how to improve your close rate, you might want to check out this 40-minute course.

7. Sales Foundations Course

55 minutes | LinkedIn

Becoming effective at sales takes time and determination. In this course, Jeff Bloomfield, founder of Braintrust, shares his tips on how to connect with customers, understand their needs and create a robust sales process.

Bonus Courses with Free Certification: If You’re Ready to Keep Learning New Skills

Four bonus online sales courses with free certificates

Although this blog post was intended to be about sales-related courses with free certificates that require less than one hour to master, we decided to include four additional courses that you might want to look at to fire up your sales even further.

8. Selling with Stories

1 hour 29 minutes | LinkedIn

Storytelling has become a buzzword but it’s also a critical skill in sales. In this course, you’ll learn about the best ways to introduce yourself to the buyer, how to prepare for a sales call, and what makes a great sales pitch.

9. Selling and Marketing Your Products on Amazon

1 hour 21 minutes | LinkedIn

If you’ve been thinking about selling your products on Amazon, it’s high time to learn how to navigate these rough waters. In this course, you’ll learn the key steps to successfully sell and market your products on Amazon.

10. Learning LinkedIn Sales Navigator

1 hour 20 minutes | LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the leading B2B channel with powerful features that can help you boost your sales process and generate more leads. Besides, social media platforms are becoming one of the main lead generation sources. So why not learn more about how to leverage LinkedIn Sales Navigator for your business?

11. Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

40 hours | Google

Sales and marketing go hand in hand. That’s why we decided to include this course as well. There are 26 modules that cover different topics on digital marketing, real-world examples, and practical exercises. If you’ve been thinking about exploring digital marketing this year, this course will be a good starting point. And you can also get a free certificate from Google after successful completion.