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12 Free Online Sales Courses with Certificates [2024]

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Online learning has become an integral part of our lives. 

There are thousands of high-quality courses available on the internet. But while many of these courses are free, not all of them offer free certifications.

That’s why we compiled a list of 12 sales-related courses that provide great insights and also include free certificates that you can add to your LinkedIn profile and showcase your achievements.

And there’s more: every course takes just a few hours to complete.

The learn-as-you-go approach at its finest!

So let’s have a look.

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Online Courses with Free Certification for Sales Professionals

We’ve combined here courses that cover a wide range of topics that can be beneficial for anyone working in sales: from sales CRM to emotional intelligence and marketing.

1. Sales CRM Expert Certificate

44 minutes | OnePageCRM | Course Link

To build relationships with propspects and close deals, you need to be consistent with your follow-ups. Sales can get so busy that it’s sometimes overwhelming to keep track of everything that needs to be done. In this course, you’ll get a quick introduction to the unique Next Action sales method and learn how to adapt it to your work, become super productive and never miss an important deadline or follow-up.

2. LinkedIn Sales Navigator Tutorial

1 hour 20 minutes | LinkedIn | Course Link

LinkedIn is the leading B2B channel with powerful features that can help you boost your sales process and generate more leads. Besides, social media platforms are becoming one of the main lead generation sources. So why not learn more about how to leverage LinkedIn Sales Navigator for your business?

3. Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

40 hours | Google | Course Link

Sales and marketing go hand in hand. That’s why we decided to include this course as well. There are 26 modules that cover different topics on digital marketing, real-world examples, and practical exercises. If you’ve been thinking about exploring digital marketing this year, this course will be a good starting point. And you can also get a free certificate from Google after successful completion.

4. Developing Emotional Intelligence

1 hour | LinkedIn | Course Link

Sure, Artificial Intelligence is a huge thing nowadays. Automation, coding, blockchain—all of these concepts are no longer just hype words, they are becoming an integral part of our everyday life. But with that being said, human connection is still a valuable asset. Understanding emotional intelligence and learning to be self-aware can help you build and nurture strong business relationships with your prospects and leads.

5. The Art of Persuasion

30 minutes | LinkedIn | Course Link

While salespeople should focus on the value that their products or services provide to a potential client, the skill of persuasion is a must-have tool for anyone working in sales. Even if you clearly (and unbiasedly) see that a prospect can benefit from your product or service, they might be overwhelmed by the number of choices and hesitate whether it’s a good idea to buy from you.

6. The Foundations of Communication

1 hour 16 minutes | LinkedIn | Course Link

The number one thing in any type of relationship? Communication! Learning how to communicate more effectively, understanding and recognizing different communication scenarios, and being an active listener can drastically change the way you do sales and generate leads.

7. Writing in Plain Language

42 minutes | LinkedIn | Course Link

Have you ever struggled with writing a cold email or reaching out to a prospect on LinkedIn? Sometimes you know pretty well the value of your product but just can’t find a way to say it in a simple way. This becomes more difficult when you sell a very technical product or service. That’s why writing is one of the underrated skills of successful salespeople.

8. Time Management

1 hour 47 minutes | LinkedIn | Course Link

Productivity… One of the most discussed topics in the world. Miriads of articles and research papers have been written, read, analyzed, presented, and debated. In this short course, you’ll learn the main principles of productivity and the best practices for managing your time. The sad truth is: Hermione Granger might have a Time-Turner but we don’t.

9. Critical Thinking

56 minutes | LinkedIn | Course Link

Good decision-making is tightly connected with critical thinking. It is quite different from strategic thinking and is a standalone skill that sometimes gets neglected. Salespeople have to make rapid decisions, and this course will help you to learn about cognitive biases, ways to minimize poor judgments, and steps for avoiding logical fallacies.

10. Building Resilience

34 minutes | LinkedIn | Course Link

If you are asked to list the most important skills for salespeople, what would you say? Good communication, emotional intelligence, quick decision-making… and probably resilience. In sales, objections, and rejections are quite common events so it’s understandable if you feel discouraged sometimes. In this short course, you’ll learn what resilience is and how to increase it.

11. Unleashing Creativity

1 hour 2 minutes | LinkedIn | Course Link

It might come as a surprise to outsiders but to be successful in sales, you also need to be creative. Sometimes it’s all about coming up with a witty opening line or finding a creative solution to a prospect’s problem. When we settle into a routine, creativity gets clouded. This course can be a breeze of fresh air—and it’s just around one hour long!

12. Selling and Marketing on Amazon

1 hour 21 minutes | LinkedIn | Course Link

If you’ve been thinking about selling and marketing your products or services on Amazon, it’s high time to learn how to navigate these rough and competitive waters. In this course, you’ll learn the key steps to successfully sell and market your products on Amazon.

Frequently Asked Questions about Sales Certificates

Here are answers to a few frequently asked questions we often get about the value of free sales certificates and whether they can help in your sales career.

What are sales certificates?

Sales certificates are different from sales certifications.

You might have heard about sales certifications, such as Certified Professional Sales Person (CPSP) or Certified Sales Leadership Professional (CSLP).

Sales certifications are credentials that are usually earned by completing a paid sales training program. These programs require several weeks or sometimes months to complete.

Sales certificates, on the other hand, are less time-consuming.

They’re typically offered by companies or online learning platforms. The end goal is to introduce you to some sales competencies and give you a basic overview that you can further build upon.

Why are sales certificates important?

Sales are a very competitive field.

To succeed in your sales career, you need to be constantly improving your skills and qualifications. Having sales certificates sets you apart from the rest.

They typically signal to employers and prospects that you’ve taken time to deepen your sales expertise. In other words, they demonstrate your commitment and boost your credibility.

By earning sales certificates, you can expand your skillset.

For example, you might be very comfortable doing cold calls but struggle with closing deals. By completing even a simple course on closing techniques, you can get more comfortable with this stage of the sales process.

So whether you’re looking to land a new sales job or accelerate your career, don’t underestimate the importance of sales certificates.

How to use sales certificates?

Getting a sales certificate is only the first step. You need to proudly promote it too, or sell your newly acquired skills.

Why not let the world know you’ve invested in your sales skills?

Here are some tips on how you can showcase your sales certificates:

  • Add your certificates to your LinkedIn profile and share this update with your network.
  • Share major certification milestones internally within your company.
  • Highlight certified expertise when introducing yourself to prospects (when appropriate).
  • Discuss key learnings and how you apply them with your sales manager.
  • Complement the certificates with practical experience (always put knowledge into practice).

Will sales certificates help advance your career?

Employers are always on the hunt for salespeople who commit to continuous self-improvement.

Sales certificates make you more marketable for job opportunities and promotions. If you were a sales manager, who would you rather have on your team: a sales rep who actively invests in their skills or someone staying happy with basic competence?

Plus, the knowledge and frameworks gained during sales courses will improve your sales performance.

Note. This blog post was first published on January 12, 2022 and updated for relevance in April, 2024.
Anastasia Chechkova
Anastasia Chechkova

Anastasia has over 6 years of experience working in marketing for small businesses, was a finalist in several international hackathons for product managers, and holds a degree in corporate finance.

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