Accelerate sales with
automated lead generation

Save time, automate admin, effortlessly grow your contact base, follow up with every generated lead,
and build relationships that last with OnePageCRM.

Capture and enhance leads in a click

Lead Clipper for instant lead generation

Clip leads from any web page

With the OnePageCRM Lead Clipper, you can instantly capture leads from any web page, social media channel or even email in just a few clicks. The leads will be automatically added to the CRM as contacts, ready to be actioned.

Enhance contacts with social data

Simply click on the Enhance button, and we’ll automatically populate the contact with all the available social media information. No admin, no wasted time!

Unlock the full power of
sales email

Dedicated email hub for all your sales communication

Our AI-powered recognition system ensures that only sales emails get added to the Email tab. With full email sync, all your communication is safely logged and you can receive and send emails, track email opens, import email history, and more!

Send personalized emails in bulk

Who said mass communication can’t be personal? With OnePageCRM, you can personalize each email that is sent in bulk so you never sound spammy and save time by using pre-saved templates.

Email tab for quicker lead generation

Accelerate lead generation with
integrated calls and messages

Add calls straight from OnePageCRM

Dial and WhatsApp your leads

Select your preferred calling or messaging method (including the option of using WhatsApp), and we’ll automatically connect you with your prospect in just one click.

Log calls and notes

Keep track of all your sales communication from one contact page. Save call results, leave notes, and @ mention your team members for a quick FYI or a timely prompt for a follow-up.

Qualify leads
faster and more efficiently

Your daily qualification list in front of you

Our color-coded Action Stream sorts your contacts by the urgency of their assigned sales action. This way, you always know when a qualifying call is due, and nothing slips through the cracks.

Accelerate lead qualification with the Split-Pane View

Toggle the Split Pane view on your Action Stream to have a list of your contacts on the left and their contact pages on the right. Just like you have it in your email client! Now all you have to do is start your lead qualification from the contact on top.

Lead generation and qualification with OnePageCRM

Lead Generation with OnePageCRM
Success Stories

Arbonne lead generation CRM

Arbonne Boosts Lead Generation by 30% per Month Using OnePageCRM

As an independent consultant, Diane Taub was looking for a new, improved system to accelerate lead generation efforts of Airbonne International.

With OnePageCRM, she greatly improved her data organization, simplified her workflow, and boosted lead generation by 30%!

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Mermaid Vodka uses OnePageCRM for lead generation and sales calls

Mermaid Vodka Increases Sales Calls by 75% with OnePageCRM

When starting as the Head of Business Development at Mermaid Vodka, Ed Panas knew he would need a system to help him manage his leads.

Having trialed a bunch of other CRMs, he found them complicated, hard to get started and not flexible enough. He was refreshed to learn that OnePageCRM was indeed the opposite and used it to increase the amount of successful sales calls by 75%.

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New Zealand Trails CRM

New Zealand Trails: From CRM Hardships to Sales Productivity

Dan Lacey, Marketing Manager at New Zealand Trails, speaks confidently about how OnePageCRM helps them ‘do it all’. Since finding OnePageCRM three years ago, they’ve increased sales productivity by a whopping 20% and saved oodles of time on admin.

However, this hasn’t always been the case. New Zealand Trails have come a long way to achieve sales productivity, from using no CRM at all, to getting lost in over-complicated setups and un-tracked emails.

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