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Autoflow: Automate Repetitive Tasks in Three Steps

Sales automation provides many benefits to small and medium-sized businesses. You can eliminate repetitive admin work, focus on building relationships and keep your team workflow consistent.

Sometimes automation might come across as expensive or too technical. But with the right CRM system, it shouldn’t be complicated.

That’s why we’re excited to introduce Autoflow, a new automation tool in OnePageCRM. It’s simple to use, can free up your time, and boost productivity.

Product Updates

Don’t Let a Single Lead Fall Through the Cracks with Scheduled Actions’ Auto-Promotion

At OnePageCRM, we believe that every lead must be followed up with. After all, that is what our unique Next Action methodology is all about!

Now, we take yet another task off your mental to-do list. If you forgot to set a Next Action for a contact after you completed the previous one and this contact has another action scheduled, we’ll automatically promote it. This way, it will take the rightful place on your Action Stream as the Next Action and you will tackle it when the time comes.

Product Updates

Standardize and build deals faster with Deal Items

Sales reps across multiple industries have one thing in common – creating similar deals but for different customers.

With Deal Items, you can power up your deals by creating a reusable list of your products or services, along with a description and price and we’ll do the totals. It’s that easy.

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Saved Actions: The Simplest Way to Organize and Manage Repetitive Tasks

With Saved Actions, you can speed up repetitive processes at your company and keep them streamlined.

Instead of always thinking about your next best step with a client, you can outline your process one time and then easily add the pre-defined task sequence when needed. This will free your mental space for other work rather than being constantly distracted by planning your daily tasks.

Product Updates
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