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Standardize and Build deals faster with Deal Items!

Sales reps across multiple industries have one thing in common – creating similar deals but for different customers. Correct me if I’m wrong but I’m pretty sure many deals are repetitive? I knew it! For all you sales reps out there, you’re going to love this new feature we’ve added to OnePageCRM. Let me introduce Deal Items! Now you can power-up your deals by creating a reusable list of your products or services, along with a description and price and we’ll do the totals. It’s that easy.

The key elements of Deal Items:

  • Build deals faster with Deal Items
  • Standardize deals for set products or services
  • Set pricing and service delivery costs for the sales team
  • Arrange Deal Items into groups


How Deal Items work?

Deal Items are a list of products or services that are used frequently in your sales process. To get started select ‘Add Deal‘ from the Contact view or Pipeline page and check the ‘Deal Items‘ checkbox at the top right of the deal form. Once you’ve set your Deal Items up, you can easily select the appropriate items from the Deal Items list, add a description, insert the quantities and we’ll do the rest. For example, you may offer different marketing packages for startups, SME’s and large corporations at a standard price. Instead of typing each one into the deal section area, you can search items or add a new item as you wish. Ideal for those repeat deals!

Why use Deal Items?

Build deals faster with Deal Items

Sales reps can easily access Deal Items from the Contact view or the Pipeline page. Deals can now be created with speed, simply insert a Deal Item when adding a deal to a contact. Faster deal creation equals increased productivity. Simple!

deal items in pipeline

Standardize deals for set products and services

Creating a list of your product and service offering right from within your CRM will ensure consistency is maintained and your sales team can easily chose from the list of predefined Deal Items available. Your sales teams can now work smarter and focus on selling not typing the same text every time they need to create a deal!

You can customize your deals so they are tailored for your organization! Add extra details about each deal item along with a price and cost (if it applies). What’s more is Deal Items can be really powerful for reporting; easily calculate the most popular products or services sold as you can easily do a quick export for analysis!

Set pricing and service delivery costs for the sales team

The ability to set the price and add in the additional cost field where relevant will help streamline your overall sales process across the entire team. No more second guessing what price each potential prospect was charged! We understand some customers may qualify for a special discount (whether they’re a repeat customer or a good friend), so we’ve included some flexibility here which allows you to easily edit the price for individual deals where needed. Simple.

Arrange Deal Items into groups

Arranging deal items into groups further reduces admin. This is ideal if you sell multiple products which complement one another or if it’s part of a package, you can group them. This allows you to then select a group of deal items in just-one-click.  

grouping deal items


OnePageCRM is a simple CRM to help you sell more. That’s why we continue to bring you cool new features that minimize the amount of time sales reps spend doing admin tasks and instead help you be more productive! Deal Items enables you to create deals faster, reducing admin and ultimately sell more!

Check out our new feature Quick Quotes. You can use Deal Items to generate quick quotes!  Check it out. 


As with all our updates, we’re excited to hear how this improves your sales process.  Let us know your feedback by tweeting us @OnePageCRM #AskOnePageCRM, comment below or contact me at

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