How to Choose the Best CRM for Agencies?

Let’s admit it, day-to-day work at creative agencies can be hectic. Several projects to manage at a time, multiple clients to keep updated and a team to keep on the same page with dynamic and constant updates. A good CRM can help your agency stay organized, bring all your contact details to one place and collaborate with your team, preferably on the go. 

But who needs ‘good’, when you can have ‘the best’? 

Why OnePageCRM?

The best CRM allows your agency to focus on a task at hand, build trust with your customers with consistent follow-ups and, ultimately, boost your sales (let’s be honest, at the end of the day, that’s what you need). 

OnePageCRM is the only CRM focused on taking sales actions rather than maintaining a ‘dead’ database. The moment you complete a sales action (make a phone call, send a proposal, schedule a meeting, etc.), we push you to set the next one. This unique Next Action system ensures you always follow-up and never drop the ball.

So, how can OnePageCRM change the very way your agency works and boost your sales?   

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IT can relax: Quick onboarding and no learning curve

Actionable contact management

Dive right in

When implementing a new CRM, the last thing an agency needs is to waste time (and resources) on lengthy onboarding. With OnePageCRM, onboarding can be done in exactly 3 steps.

1. Import your contacts with a click,
2. Set Next Actions with due dates,
3. Start from the contact on top of your Action Stream and get closing!

CRM Support for every step of the way

Our customer success team always goes the extra thousand miles when it comes to supporting our customers. We call where others would email. We jump on a webinar where others would send a link to ‘Help’. In other words, whatever issue your agency faces, our CRM support team is there to help. 

Keep everything on the same page… OnePageCRM

Notify others of important notes

Your creative team always in sync

Multiple clients, multiple projects. It’s often hard to ensure people across the agency are up-to-date with the deal’s or contact’s status. With OnePageCRM, all the relevant contact details, including status updates, relevant calls and notes and associated deals, are kept on one scrollable contact page. No duplicated documents, no lost communication. And leaving a note with a handy @mention allows you to instantly notify a team member of an update!

Top apps to manage your agency in one place

What tools do you really need in a CRM for your agency’s success? Something to generate leads, something to qualify them, something to keep them all organized, something to build your client relationships, and something to get those hard-earned contracts and get paid. OnePageCRM brings them all together. We integrate with MailChimp, Wufoo, Xero, Email, Zapier, and many more. Our Chrome Extension also allows to generate leads in a click and a Split-Pane Action Stream view is perfect for lightning-fast lead qualification!  

Empowering your agency’s best sales tool: Email

Most agency communication and work go through email. Be it sending cold emails to leads, following up with prospects, or building relationships with clients. We don’t want to replace email — we want to enhance it!

In OnePageCRM, you can send emails straight from the CRM, create and use custom templates and send emails in bulk. No more hopping between the tabs or trying to pick up the thread of conversation on a project — it’s all logged in!

OnePageCRM's email hub

Reduce admin work

OnePageCRM mobile app.

Automate admin and focus on closing

Admin is tedious. Admin takes time. Wouldn’t you rather spend it on getting new clients, delivering projects or brainstorming with your team? OnePageCRM allows you to build deals and send sales quotes in seconds, automate your sales process with Saved Actions and add social data to your contacts in a click!

Making your best sales on the go with mobile CRM

How often in your agency’s day-to-day do you need to pop over to a (potential) client for a pitch, negotiation or a presentation? And you need your CRM with you. OnePageCRM offers native iOS and Android mobile apps, so you can keep your top contacts on Speed Dial, get to your meeting faster with Integrated Maps, log calls and add quick notes before you forget them and update your agency’s team on the go. 

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