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Centralize customer data with Widgets for CRM integrations

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If you’ve ever felt like your business data is scattered across too many apps, you’re not alone in this feeling.

It can be difficult to piece everything together into a coherent narrative between phone calls, marketing campaigns, invoices, notes, Google docs, and calendar invites.

Moreover, having customer data in several apps also means it’ll take you longer to build a comprehensive profile for each customer—let alone get a quick overview of their needs, pain points, or any other insights from previous interactions.

This shouldn’t be like this.

Instead of spending your time piecing scattered data together, you can now automatically bring it into your CRM.

With the new Widget functionality, all customer- and sales-related data can finally be under one roof.

What are Widgets in OnePageCRM?

Widgets are CRM integrations. They are a simple way to view customer- and sales-related information stored in other apps without leaving your OnePageCRM account.

Widgets pull data from other apps in real time and display it on Contact Pages so you can have it at your fingertips.

You can add different apps as Widgets to OnePageCRM: Mailchimp, Paypal, Aircall, QuickBooks, and others.

You can use Widgets to quickly glance at information, such as call recordings, customer support tickets, QuickBooks invoices, and much more—all without leaving OnePageCRM.

crm integrations - widget

With Widgets, you can turn your OnePageCRM account into the central hub for all your customer- and sales-related data.

How Widgets work

Let’s use Joe Bloggs as an example.

Say, he’s been your customer for over 10 years.

You’ve had many calls with Joe and sent him dozens of newsletters and hundreds of invoices.

All of these interactions have helped you develop a profound understanding of who Joe is as a customer: what his preferences are, why he chose you, and what it takes to retain him as a happy client.

To provide Joe with the best possible experience, you’ve been using a combination of different tools:

  • OnePageCRM for keeping a record of all interactions,
  • Mailchimp for marketing newsletters,
  • QuickBooks for invoices,
  • and so on.

OnePageCRM doesn’t promise to replace them all. Instead, we now seamlessly collaborate with other apps to bring your most important data directly to Contact Pages.

crm integrations - central hub

Now, you can view the history of all your interactions with Joe and any other customer at a glance.

In this case, your sales team doesn’t need to log into QuickBooks or ask your finance department if they’ve already sent the invoice—they can see this straight in OnePageCRM.

crm integrations - quickbooks widget

They also won’t need to send a quick message to your marketing team inquiring about when the latest promotion happened—they’ll see all recent campaigns from Mailchimp straight in their CRM.

Besides, if they need to see what each campaign was about, they can click on the links—and we’ll open relevant pages in your Mailchimp account.

crm integrations - mailchimp widget

With Widgets, you can save time on sending back-and-forth messages and make sure that all of your apps speak with each other.

Examples of CRM integrations available as Widgets

Widgets are your jumping-off points for whatever you need to do for your business.

Need to review a call recording from Aircall? Simply click on the entry in the Aircall Widget, and we’ll take you directly to that recording in Aircall.

crm integrations - aircall widget

Curious about a recent support ticket? Click on it in the HelpScout Widget, and we’ll pull it up instantly.

crm integrations - help scout widget

If you’re using Enterpryze as your go-to ERP system, you can now see the associated data from your Transaction Feed on your Contact Pages.

enterpryze crm integration

All of those data points are now inside your CRM, within just a few clicks away.

Add more integrations to your CRM

This all is just the beginning.

With OnePageCRM adding more and more integrations, the number of Widgets will continue to grow, providing a 360-degree view of your customer relationships.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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