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Customer Support

Enhance customer experience

This CRM integration empowers the collaboration between your customer support and sales teams. It’s time to add context to customer interactions and improve your company’s performance!

help scout crm integration
contact management

Know your customer straight away

  • View OnePageCRM contact details such as Next Actions, tags, status, and deals during Help Scout conversations.
  • Open contacts in OnePageCRM in just a few clicks.
  • Have all crucial information in one page when responding to a customer.

Bring everything into one inbox

  • View your conversations and customer details from a single location.
  • Add new contacts to OnePageCRM from within Help Scout in one click.
  • Make it easy for the customer support team to deliver a top-level experience to your customers.
help scout crm integration
help scout crm integration

See how it works

Have a look at how Help Scout CRM integration can help your business.
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Integrate Help Scout with an action-focused CRM

OnePageCRM is the only action-focused CRM in the world. Built for small businesses, it transforms your client database into a simple to-do list (we call it Action Stream).
Set follow-up reminders next to contacts.
See a prioritized list of tasks for today.
Stay motivated with the Target Widget.
Keep all client info on one scrollable page.
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Built an integration with OnePageCRM?

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Connect Help Scout to your CRM

Discover the full potential of our simple CRM by integrating it with Help Scout. Keeping in touch with clients and growing sales have never been easier.
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Help Scout CRM Integration

  • What is Help Scout?

    Help Scout is a help desk designed for small business. It’s basically invisible to customers and scales like any other help desk, but the customer experience is personalized like regular email.

    It keeps your team on the same page and delights customers thanks to rich collaboration features.
  • Why use Help Scout CRM integration?

    Every business needs to support its customers. Answering support emails, logging notes and creating help articles for customers is probably a part of your company’s everyday effort to deliver great products and services.

    Once you connect your CRM to Help Scout, you will see all the customer details from OnePageCRM within HelpScout.
  • What are the benefits of Help Scout CRM integration?

    — Never again miss out on crucial information when replying to a customer query.
    — Always have the information to hand including deals history and the Next Action associated with the contact.
    — Improve collaboration between Sales and Support.
    — Create a contact in OnePageCRM from within Help Scout in just one click.