Mobile CRM critical for sales teams

Top 5 reasons why mobile CRM is critical to sales success

Adults spend over 3 hours each day on a mobile device according to eMarketer.  If the average person works 9-5, then these 3 hours could potentially account for approx 30% of one’s working day. 3 hours might sound like a significant amount of time, however, being the app of choice in this time frame can prove to be quite the battlefield.

Today there are over  2.8 million (Android) and 2.2 million (iOS) apps available to download from the app store, a competitive field as each app is fighting for your attention and space on your home screen. Mobile is steadily shaping how we communicate and do business therefore it’s important to have a mobile strategy in your business.

Having previously worked in the Mobile Marketing Automation field, I am intrigued by mobile apps and the mobile space and I’m always on the lookout for apps that allow me to be more productive in everyday life. Apps that grab my attention are communication, social or productivity apps. Normally I review for a week before making the decision to keep or delete it from my home screen.  In 2016, access to the web via mobile devices finally overtook desktop usage according to StatCounter. 

“Sales reps saw productivity increase by 26.4% upon adding mobile access to their CRM application.”



In keeping with the trends and market demand, OnePageCRM iOS and Android apps were completely rebuilt in native technology. The User interface was revamped to make it more like the browser version and lots more features were added, read more here.  The feedback was overwhelming, with one user commenting

 “I use my Cell phone for 90% of my business. To be able to put the information in from my phone is PERFECT. Thank you, Roger”.

Now it was my turn to share feedback,  within my first week in OnePageCRM, I dived right into the iOS and Android apps, looking closely at the onboarding, design and user experience. OnePageCRM’s mobile apps offer sales reps access to their sales data whilst on the go, helping them get things done.


1. Mobile selling in real time 

A mobile CRM allows you to manage sales quickly and stay connected with customers and prospects. According to Ken Krogue, sales reps spend 50% of their working day selling remotely. This statistic highlights the value of a mobile CRM.

Having access to real-time data helps sales reps sell smarter and find new opportunities while aiding them to make faster decisions. With OnePageCRM’s sales app, sales teams can easily view and manage their sales pipeline and move deals through each pipeline stage helping you to reach targets even on the go!

High-performance-driven sales teams are keen to use software that enables them to be more prepared for meetings, more responsive to customers and sell more.  Mobile CRM is what sales reps need!

“Businesses witnessed 10% increase in cash flow by using a CRM mobile app.”

Algo Works

With the ability to be able to update and receive new leads from anywhere, this ultimately leads to better customer retention and shorter sales cycles. What are you waiting for? Go mobile with your CRM.


2. Increases productivity

So far so good, an app to help me get things done and sell more on the go. Being able to update information on the go is key to maximizing your time.


Action Stream: The first screen you are welcomed with when you open the app is my Action Stream, which combines my contacts and actions in order of due date. This enables you to get straight to work knowing who to follow up with and when, ensuring you never miss a follow-up even when you’re on the go.

Notes and Contact Information: Having the ability to update the most relevant information about a lead at any time allows you to reach out with a personal touch. You can easily access your contacts and organizations, track your call results, notes history, and view and update your sales pipeline. Giving you the extra confidence knowing you have all the information to hand before a sales call or meeting allowing you to use what you know to personalize your outreach.

Call, SMS & Maps: You can directly call a contact or send an SMS from within the mobile app, you can also open up Google maps if you have an address saved for a contact, great if you are on the road and need to do a site visit.  A salesperson can quickly search for a contact and then call that person directly from within the mobile app. After completing the call,  the user can easily log that activity and then schedule a follow-up activity.

3. Never miss out on following up

Notifications: Another thing I love is notifications, push notifications and in-app messages can be highly effective if they are sent at the right time and contain relevant information. OnePageCRM uses push notifications to remind users of time-sensitive actions. 

Salespeople are busy nurturing leads and closing sales, these notifications are spot on. They are sent at the right time (when an action or follow-up is required) and only include the information required such as contact name and the action due.

Deep-linking: When you click on the notification it deep-links to the contact view page allowing you to add notes, make a call, or do whatever you need to do in order to complete the next action. Deep-linking is important when sending notifications, and directing the user to the most relevant page is a must. OnePageCRM’s notifications ensure you will stay focused on the most important and urgent actions, and you will never miss a follow-up if you have them enabled!  

4. Reduces Data Entry

Add data on the go: Having a mobile CRM can reduce data entry immensely.  You can use voice typing for notes, add contacts whilst at a sales conference and tag them, or import contacts directly from your address book, really handy if you have connected with prospects at recent events or networking meetings.  It takes 30 seconds, eliminating a huge task when you return to the office.  A large sales team can find themselves following up with the same people twice or maybe not following up at all. This is mainly due to customer information not being updated in real-time often leading to extra admin work. Time can be wasted checking if other colleagues have reached out and when.

Add voice notes_mobile CRM


5. Communication

Shared visibility: Sales reps are on the go and out of the office the majority of the time. In large sales teams, it can be difficult to get everyone into a meeting to discuss their sales activity and overall business sales strategy. OnePageCRM’s mobile app allows everyone the ability to view other team members’ activity. This is very useful if you are unable to meet in person or have a conversation. By clicking on Team Stream within the app, sales reps can view any notes, calls, and deals associated with their team members’ contacts.

Team Activity in OnePageCRM

This is critical if you are going into a meeting and can’t get hold of your colleague or if your colleague is sick and you are required to take over his daily sales actions. From a management perspective, they can easily see at a glance what follow-ups have been made or deals won.

Tags and Filters: Ever need to assign a contact or action to another team member? You can do this on the go from the OnePageCRM mobile app. It removes the need for an extra email. You can also add tags and filters to your contacts to help other team members easily find and manage while on the go.

Go mobile and always be selling

Mobile has transformed the way we use CRM software, the rise of mobile has a huge impact on sales professionals. Therefore, offering a mobile CRM app that allows salespeople to access to their CRM on the go is not only providing a great addition to your CRM offering but also increasing one’s productivity, saving them time and ultimately helping them close more deals.

A mobile CRM helps your sales team be more prepared when it comes to sales pitches and meetings, be more organized and be in constant contact with customers and prospects, focusing you on the sale and ensuring you react to follow-ups in a timely manner.

OnePageCRM is continually listening to its customers and providing a product that helps them to work in a more effective manner and ultimately improving the app and user experience. The mobile app is evidence of this, an easy-to-use mobile CRM app, with key features to help salespeople get more work done and close more deals.

Mobile is steadily shaping how we communicate and do business and all of the above point to reasons why a mobile CRM is critical to the success of your sales team. By incorporating a mobile CRM today you will ensure sales reps have the tools they need readily available to achieve their overall sales goals when in front of potential customers. Go mobile and Always Be Closing!

The mobile app ensures you focus on taking action while you’re on the go. Try it out for yourself; Google Play or iOS and share your feedback by emailing or tweet us @onepagecrm.

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