OnePageCRM vs Insightly Detailed Comparison (2021)

The right CRM software needs to meet your business-specific needs, while also offering you instant and personal support in case you run into any issues. When choosing a CRM, aside from comparing the core features, consider its fit for your budget, level of customization it allows, and, most importantly, the user experience it offers.

If what you need is to accelerate your sales, organize your leads, and grow your business, all while knowing you have a competent and human support team right behind you, OnePageCRM is the solution for you.

OnePageCRM vs Insightly: What’s the difference?

OnePageCRM is a simple yet powerful sales CRM. It helps SMBs stay laser-focused on the next best step for each lead, without distracting them with non-sales-related features. It is known for its top user experience and excellent support.

Insightly is a contact management system with a focus on Gmail and Office365 integrations. Due to its pricing model, separately priced customer support options, and a longer learning curve, it is better suited for medium to large organizations with a dedicated specialist.

OnePageCRM vs Insightly: Feature Comparison

  • Price
  • Free trial
  • Contacts
  • Data export/import
  • Email integration
  • Full (two-way) email sync
  • Lead capture
  • Contact social data enhancement
  • Sales automation
  • Sales quotes
  • Deal management
  • Customizable sales pipeline
  • Custom reports
  • Sales forecasting
  • Roles & permissions
  • Developer API support
  • Android Mobile App Ranking
  • iOS Mobile App Ranking
  • Customer Support
  • Insightly
  • Insightly
  • From $29/month
  • 14 days
  • Limited (unless on Enterprise plan)
  • ×
  • ×
  • ×
  • ×
  • ×
  • ×
  • (limited)
  • ×
  • (limited)
  • ×
  • 3.9/5
  • 4.5/5
  • email & community forum
OnePageCRM Insightly
From $13.50/month From $29/month
Free trial
21 days (no commitment) 14 days
Unlimited Limited (unless on Enterprise plan)
Data export/import
Email integration
Full (two-way) email sync
Lead capture
automatic with Lead Clipper ×
Contact social data enhancement
Sales automation
Sales Quotes
(automatically generated) ×
Deal management
Customizable sales pipeline
Custom reports
Sales Forecasting
Roles & permissions
Developer API support
Android Mobile App Ranking
4.4/5 3.9/5
iOS Mobile App Ranking
4.6/5 4.5/5
Customer support
phone, email, chat, screenshares email & chat

Choose OnePageCRM as an Insightly Alternative: You’re in Good Company

Ryanair OnePageCRM customer
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Remax on OnePageCRM vs Insightly
Connacht Rugby OnePageCRM customer
T-Mobile OnePageCRM vs Insightly

OnePageCRM vs Insightly: User Reviews

OnePageCRM Insightly
Onepagecrm Alternative Insightly alternative
Ease of Use (G2) 9.3/108.3/10
Ease of Setup (G2) 9.5/108.3/10
Quality of Support (G2) 9.4/107.8/10
Capterra User Rating 4.8/53.9/5
GetApp User Rating 4.8/53.9/5
Software Advice Reviews of OnePageCRM OnePageCRM is a leader in for CRM on G2
Martin Leuschen OnePageCRM vs Insightly

“OnePageCRM has been a game changer for our sales team. The Next Action sales method and Action Stream ensure we stay on track with leads, actions, and follow-ups. It’s simple and intuitive interface makes it one of the best CRM systems for SMB’s.”

Martin Leuschen

President at Computrek
Steve Elliott OnePageCRM vs Insightly comparison

“Probably the best CRM available for ease of use and, more importantly, ROI. The idea of being accountable for the next action with a prospect makes all the difference. All other systems I have tried depend on the operator. OnePageCRM makes you take the next step automatically, even if that next step is to close the process.”

Steve Elliott

Owner at Thrifty Sites
Karen Suhaka OnePageCRM

“I honestly don’t know how we could survive without OnePageCRM. We also love the excellent customer service we receive anytime we need help, not to mention the informative webinars and blog posts. I really feel like they want us to succeed.”

Karen Suhaka

Founder at LegiNation Inc
Ken Muir comparing OnePageCRM vs Insightly

“Have been using OnePageCRM for a couple of years now and am recommending it to almost every company I come in contact with. Easy to set up (actually that’s a lie – there is no set up, just add contacts and you’re off), easy to use regardless of the level of IT capability of the users, and the mobile app rocks. Great friendly support as well.”

Ken Muir

Principal Consultant at Junos Direct

OnePageCRM vs Insightly: What to Consider When Choosing a CRM Solution?

Who will be using the CRM?

Is it a sales team? If that’s the case, pay closer attention to the CRM’s collaboration features and the ways to keep the team members up to date.

Is your expected primary user a sales manager? If so, it might be good to review the available analytics and reporting features.

Is it a salesperson themselves? Then focus on features that push them to make a sale. Are there prompts and reminders, does a CRM make their life easier with automation features, do they view the whole updating of the CRM process as another admin task or does it help them stay focused? 

How much time do you have for CRM onboarding?

You don’t really want to spend weeks figuring out how to work your CRM and then trying to convince your team to use it. In fact, 72% of CRM customers would trade functionality for ease of use. So make sure the CRM you choose is intuitive and allows you to get started in minutes!

What is your CRM budget?

While you do need to make sure that the selected CRM is in your price range, it’s important to pay attention to several points:

Freemium models are usually deceiving due to the existing pricing gap. They offer only basic features and, if you require more advanced functionality, force expensive upsells on you. 

Look for transparency. While some CRMs might advertise the features you need, a closer inspection can often show that they are only available on higher plans.

What level of customer support are you expecting from the CRM?

No matter how easy-to-use is your chosen CRM, it’s important to have a helpful human on the other end ready to offer you advice, support, and show you how you can make the most of the software.  There are several things to consider here as well:

Type of support. Are they ready to answer your questions via email or phone? Is there a live chat available as well? 

Response time. How long do you have to “wait on the line” until somebody gets back to you? Is the response time restricted by a time zone? Does the CRM team offer weekend support as well?

Human touch. It’s always great to receive a personalized response that you feel is coming from a living person rather than a bot. Check if they take time to understand your problem and follow up with you later on to see how you’re getting on. 

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