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OnePageCRM vs. Pipedrive

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What’s the main difference?

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OnePageCRM helps small businesses stay laser-focused on the next best step for each lead, without distracting them with non-sales-related features.
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Pipedrive is designed for bigger teams that work with deals and require detailed and complex pipeline management.

CRM features comparison

Have a look at what makes OnePageCRM different from Pipedrive.
  • Pricing

    From $9.95/month

    From $12.50/month

  • Free trial

    21 days
    (no commitment)

    14 days

  • Contacts



  • Action Stream

  • Full email sync

    (premium plan only)

  • Customizable email templates

    (premium plan only)

  • Bulk email send

  • Customization of bulk emails

  • Merge fields for emails

    (premium plan only)

  • Custom reports

    (premium plan only)

  • Deal management

  • Customizable sales pipeline

  • Sales forecasting

    (premium plan only)

  • Customer support

    (phone, email, chat, screenshares)

    (email and chat)

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Why small businesses prefer OnePageCRM

Here are three main reasons why businesses choose OnePageCRM over Pipedrive.

prioritized list of tasks
Dynamic to-do list

Follow-up reminders in the Action Stream

OnePageCRM is the only action-focused CRM. Contrary to Insightly, it has an Action Stream feature.

All contacts in OnePageCRM can have Next Actions (time-sensitive tasks and reminders). OnePageCRM automatically sorts them in the Action Stream according to their urgency. The most urgent ones float to the top.

This way, you can rest assured that no contact in your CRM sits idle and you never forget to get back to your leads and customers.
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Simple interface

One of the most standout features of our CRM is its simplicity with a clutter-free interface.

The first time you log into OnePageCRM you'll notice how intuitive and easy-to-use it is. We don't overwhelm you with too many tabs or features.

This CRM was designed for small businesses who want to focus on growth and take action without spending too much time on learning how a CRM tool works.
pipeline stages in CRM
CRM automation
crm functionality

Powerful CRM functionality

Besides its simplicity, OnePageCRM has all important CRM features: starting from contact management to reporting and sales forecasting.

We carefully listen to our users and add only those features that they need for their day-to-day operations. This allows you to scale OnePageCRM together with your business when the time comes.

And if at any point you need support, we are always here to help.
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See how it works

Have a look at what makes OnePageCRM different from Pipedrive.
the #1 crm trusted by small businesses around the world
OnePageCRM has a five-star rating on Google
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What our users are saying about OnePageCRM

OnePageCRM vs. Pipedrive:
User Reviews

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Questions? We’d love to help

If you have any questions about our CRM and how you can make the most out of it for your business, let us know.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why choose OnePageCRM over Pipedrive?

    — Focus 100% on taking action instead managing your contact database.
    — Follow up with every lead, on time, every time.
    — Keep all the information you need to close a contact on one scrollable page.
    — Generate leads in a click from any web page.
    — Build deals and send sales quotes in seconds.
    — Save time with smart sales automation features.
    — Generate and automatically email custom activity reports.
    — Reap the full power of sales CRM on the go with native and highly ranked iOS and Android apps.
    — Enjoy the perks of the world-class, above-and-beyond customer support.

    Note: We keep this page updated but please keep in mind that some of the numbers in reviews and feature comparisons might be outdated. It's advised to double-check official websites for more up-to-date information.
  • What kind of customer support does OnePageCRM offer?

    No matter how easy-to-use is OnePageCRM, we make sure that you always have a helpful human on the other end ready to offer you advice, support, and show you how you can make the most of our software.

    — We offer multi-channel support and answer questions via email, phone, and a live chat.
    — We do our best to be available and answer urgent queries even during weekends.
    — We add human touch to our support and provide everyone with a personalized response that you feel is coming from a living person rather than a bot.
    — We go an extra mile. Our team takes time to understand your problem and follows up with you later on to see how you’re getting on.
    — We offer webinars and jump on a screenshare when needed. We also have a comprehensive Help Site that covers everything about our CRM system.
    — We believe in the old “teach a man to fish, and you’ll feed him for a lifetime” thing. That's why we don't just fix your problem but help you learn how to make the most out of your CRM.
  • What to consider when choosing a CRM solution?

    When choosing a CRM for your business, you need to consider a few things:
    — Who will be using the CRM?
    — How much time do you have for CRM onboarding?
    — What is your CRM budget?
    — What level of customer support are you expecting from the CRM?

    Quick tip: when evaluating several CRMs, try ranking each point from 1-10 and compare the results.
  • Is a free CRM better?

    While you do need to make sure that the selected CRM is in your price range, it’s important to pay attention to several points:

    — Freemium models are usually deceiving due to the existing pricing gap. They offer only basic features and, if you require more advanced functionality, force expensive upsells on you.

    — Look for transparency. While some CRMs might advertise the features you need, a closer inspection can often show that they are only available on higher plans.

    — Evaluate their pricing format. Once you need to upgrade to a paid plan, will you be charged per user or per account? Is there a minimum number of users you need to have to qualify for your preferred price plan? How big is the price jump between the plans? Is there an annual subscription discount?
  • How easy-to-use is OnePageCRM?

    You can get started in just a few minutes.

    OnePageCRM has an intuitive interface. Even if you've been using spreadsheets before, you'll quickly grasp the main functionality of our CRM system.

    We believe that no one needs to spend weeks figuring out how to work a CRM and then trying to convince their team to use it.
  • What features does a good CRM have?

    It depends on what you're looking for.

    Who will be using the CRM?

    Do you have a big sales team? If that’s the case, pay closer attention to the CRM’s collaboration features and the ways to keep the team members up to date.

    Is your expected primary user a sales manager? If so, it might be good to review the available analytics and reporting features.

    Is it a salesperson themselves? Then focus on features that push them to make a sale. Are there prompts and reminders, does a CRM make their life easier with automation features, do they view the whole updating of the CRM process as another admin task or does it help them stay focused?
  • What CRM integrations do I need?

    CRM is rarely used in a vacuum. The best CRM software should effortlessly integrate with other apps and processes you already have in place.

    For example, if you use email to nurture your leads or build stronger relationships with the existing clients, your chosen CRM needs to have good email marketing integration.

    If you use web forms for lead generation, it might be good if the collected leads get automatically added to your CRM, so you can action them later on.

    And if, say, your sales and customer support teams often work hand-in-hand in lead nurturing and creating upselling opportunities, you might want to ensure your CRM integrates with your help desk software.
  • Why switch to OnePageCRM?

    With a unique focus on sales actions, OnePageCRM will keep your contacts locked in a continuous sales loop until you get them over the line. You decide on the most important Next Action for a contact, update it and we’ll remind you when it’s due. Move beyond simple contact management and use OnePageCRM as a proactive selling tool (we’ll even manage your contacts as well).

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