One year in development milestones at OnePageCRM

What a great year at OnePageCRM! We introduced many requested updates, increased the CRM’s functionality and grew as a company. Take a look at this snapshot to see all the things we worked on… in case you missed some of our updates.

OnePageCRM Year Updates

2014 will be even busier for us. We’ve already started working on several integrations with major accounting and communication software. What’s more, our design team is working on some refinements to our UX to make it even better. Stay tuned!

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Greg Micyk
Greg Micyk
Digital native but born as Generation X. Worked for large IT enterprises like ACER and ASUS now enjoys smaller but far more dynamic enviroment of OnePageCRM. Love discovering new apps for SMBs and connecting them in small (and big) EcoSystems.

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