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New updates and features roll out: Message from our product guy (and CEO)


A quick heads-up on some great features and updates coming to OnePageCRM this week. Our beta testers find the latest updates really speed up adding/editing contacts and companies.

Thanks to your feedback we can constantly innovate, and we’re really excited about the future of our app.

Note: If you’re an account administrator or the CRM champion in your company, please take some time to communicate the updates in your team. We’re holding a specialist webinar to introduce these great new features. You can register here.

Find and merge duplicate contacts in bulk

After a long wait (some might say) this is one great addition. You can now find and merge duplicates in bulk which will to keep your database in ship shape. You’ll find this filter in our Advanced Search popup.

Deduplication screenshot


Easier Settings and customization page

Over time, our app has got more powerful and some settings and options were not as clear as they could be. In response we’ve simplified the entire settings area, keeping it visual and more intuitive for all users.
There’s also some new preferences, like automatically showing colleagues activity and custom fields expanded by default.

Settings page


Improved Contact/Company usability

This was a big one for me. In the past we had a lots of users asking for Company-wide custom fields and a separate description for the company, not just a contact.

We added this functionality during the summer, but it wasn’t our finest hour in execution. We temporarily lost our vision of keeping the usage of a CRM close to the usage of an email client, where there’s really only two main aspects aspects… a list and a view.

So we’ve fixed this by;

  • Removing the “contact/company switcher” button and replaced it with a much quicker company preview from within the contact. Keeping you in the principle of single context that “the one page” application was founded on.
  • Allowing you to see company-wide custom fields within the contact.

Company view popup


Faster creation and editing of Contacts and Companies

We’re actually a little embarrassed about this part too. While “the company info” was important to you, we made you jump through hoops to add it!

We had you going through the following process to setup a client account… Add contact, save and add a Next Action, then switch to Company view and edit the company details. Then back to the contact. Embarrassing 🙁
Now you can create the contact and the company at the same time, same screen, same save button.

So now the process is Add Contact and Company > Set Next Action > Pow!

Add company information

We’ve also made it super easy to handle companies with multiple contacts for when you want to split (remove) a contact from the company or rename the company. See below.
Splitting companies


Check our the latest updates video


What’s coming soon…

At this stage, I want to also give you a heads up on some other imminent releases.

  • Good news for legacy users of OnePageCRM who are still using our 2-column interface. All the latest updates to our app will be coming to the 2-column interface over the coming weeks.
  • Infinite scroll in your Action Stream option for all users.
  • Send emails and save templates from within OnePageCRM (Starting with Gmail users).

Thank you for your continued support and valued feedback, all this helps us build a stronger product.Michael FitzGerald CEO OnePageCRM

Kind regards,






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