The Death of the Sales Funnel

It’s a topsy-turvy sales world out there. The sales funnel is dead, SDRs are selling to the C-suite and sales hacking has become stalking with sales tools. In this issue, we bring you the best links to help you adapt.

How to train junior sales staff so that they can sell to directors: Stop sales hacking Prezi and blog post (Winning by Design)
Why you need sales operations to grow: The secret weapon to scaling: Sales Operations (Huffington Post)
How the lack of a sales process is killing your bottom line: The three pipeline practices for all star sales teams infographic (Entrepreneur)
The nonlinear buyer experience requires a nonlinear sales process: The death of the sales funnel infographic (Lenati blog)

Finally, Wiser’s VP of sales told us how he runs his sales team from motivating reps to the importance of process.

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