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Set a date for your important queued actions

If you’re managing more than one project for a single contact, use OnePageCRM’s queued actions with dates to stay on top of each one. Keep your most urgent project (Project A) as your Next Action and once it is complete, you can promote the next most urgent one (Project B) in just-one-click. Afterwards, set the… Read More

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5 Ways to Improve Your Sales Performance, Sales Productivity and Efficiency

As small business owners, entrepreneurs and salespeople, we all wear a lot of hats and have to juggle multiple essential tasks. In business you are often tasked with strategic planning, sales and marketing, customer service, business and product development, accounting, hiring, web development, and IT, to name just a few, and you probably don’t have… Read More

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Focus on your tasks to the sounds of Noisli

One hour of non interrupted focus is what you need to get aligned with your most crucial sales tasks of the day. But at the most offices, there are people around. Your colleagues asking questions, talking about a new client or simply just discussing whether you should add that new feature, change your sales process… Read More

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7 ways to achieve consistently high performance

There’s one thing that separates the greatest, most successful leaders from the rest. It’s the ability to deliver what Jim Collins, author of Good to Great, calls sustained excellence, or consistently high performance. It’s the mark of a level 5 leader, as he points out in an article on Harvard Business Review. But sustaining excellence… Read More

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