LinkedIn Clipper Removal

Important Update: Removal of LinkedIn functionality from Chrome Clipper

As of Thursday 7th of July, the OnePageCRM Chrome Clipper will no longer facilitate the copying of contacts from LinkedIn. This is to comply with LinkedIn’s terms of use.


Due to the terms & conditions of LinkedIn’s user agreement, we regret to announce that our Chrome Clipper will no longer be accessible for the network. LinkedIn has formally requested that we, along with the majority of our competitors, remove the clipping functionality which allows its users to break their terms of use.

Our LinkedIn Clipper was a hugely popular feature with users and we understand this update may come as a surprise, though on this occasion, matters are beyond our control.

We will continue in our mission to help salespeople achieve zero admin. And with that said, here are our three alternative solutions for building relationships with your LinkedIn connections using OnePageCRM.

1. Search for a contact

By clicking on the LinkedIn icon below a contacts profile photo in OnePageCRM, you can search for the contact in LinkedIn. Once you’ve located the contact, you can store a copy of their profile URL in OnePageCRM, for future reference.

LinkedIn OnePageCRM Search

2. Search for a company

With the new OnePageCRM Account View, we’ve brought your prospecting tools into the CRM. Conduct further research on companies by searching via LinkedIn, as well as Duedil, Hoover, Google and Facebook.

Account View Search

3. Export your contacts from LinkedIn and import to OnePageCRM

LinkedIn allows users to export a copy of their connections to a .CSV file. You can then import this .CSV file to OnePageCRM, for further lead nurturing. Click here for a step-by-step guide. 

LinkedIn Export GIF

OnePageCRM Chrome Clipper

Remember, you can still use our Chrome Clipper to pull leads from Gmail, Outlook, Xing, Twitter & Facebook! With just one click you can create a contact in OnePageCRM, including a Next Action to ensure you follow-up. 


If you have any questions or concerns on this update, please comment below or email us at

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Laura Mc Hugh
Laura Mc Hugh
As Digital Marketing Coordinator at OnePageCRM, Laura is responsible for overseeing content creation and promotion. Laura is passionate about all aspects of inbound marketing, from content creation, to SEO & conversion tracking. Other interests also include travel, discovering new cultures and languages.


  1. Hi

    I just spotted the little changes in relation to linkedin. Just tried your little suggestion on 1 above i.e Search for a Contact which works perfectly and actually (dare I say) might be handier as you have no import into the background section as some people like to put very long summaries in their linkedin profiles and we might prefer to put other info into the background section of their OnePageCRM.

    Perfectly happy with the above and thanks for letting us know. OnePageCRM is still everybody’s favorite work tool at EmployAbility Galway!

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