Account Switcher

Quickly switch between multiple OnePageCRM accounts

Our customers have asked, and we’ve answered! We’ve just added a new feature to our Chrome Extension; Account Switcher, for quick and easy switching between multiple accounts.

The OnePageCRM Account Switcher makes it easy for you to sign-in to multiple OnePageCRM accounts simultaneously so you don’t have to log out of one account to get to work in the other, increasing efficiency across all business workflows!

Whether you’re running multiple businesses and have separate OnePageCRM accounts, or need multiple pipelines, then the Account Switcher is for you!


How the Account Switcher works?

By having the Chrome Extension installed on your OnePageCRM account, you’ll automatically have the option to switch between your OnePageCRM accounts. To get started with the Account Switcher, begin by adding your OnePageCRM accounts via the chrome extension then easily toggle back and forth from one account to another in just-one-click!

Did you know you could easily clip leads and receive notifications too?  The Chrome Extension makes it a breeze to create contacts from Gmail, Inbox by Gmail, Twitter,, Outlook 365, Facebook and Xing. For example, when viewing a Twitter profile of a potential lead, simply click on the OnePageCRM icon in the browser bar and the contact will be saved to your OnePageCRM account of choice! In addition, you can receive desktop notifications for time specific Next Actions!


Benefits of the Account switcher


Entrepreneurs and Owners of multiple businesses can quickly get to work: Owners of multiple businesses who have different leads and sales processes can use the Account Switcher to quickly switch from one account to another & save time! It’s also beneficial for  entrepreneurs to keep both personal and business team members data and contacts 100% separate in a different account!

Agencies can save time:  Having different CRM accounts for each client means you waste time logging in and out of different accounts, in order to retrieve the relevant information for the client in question. As agencies are often balancing multiple clients at once, it requires you to be super organized and efficient, hence the account switcher is ideal for saving you time.  In addition you can react quickly and pull up the relevant information on clients when they get in contact e.g. a phone call.

OnePageCRM’s Account Switcher will save agencies time, and reduce errors, giving you the ability to focus on the more important task of selling on behalf of your clients!


Switch between OnePageCRM accounts


Lead generation: The Chrome Extension, famous for its built in lead clipper gives you the ability to clip leads from Gmail, Inbox by Gmail, Twitter,, Outlook 365, Facebook and Xing. But what’s great is you can now clip leads to separate OnePageCRM accounts just select the account you wish to clip too and the lead will be stored!


Clip leads to multiple accounts in OnePageCRM


Clarity: It’s important to have clarity especially if you’re communicating with multiple clients. The Account Switcher leaves no room for error, as it’s clear which account you are currently working in. Reduce confusion and easily see which account you’re logged into by clicking on the Account Switcher icon.  

Greater efficiency: Enhance your work by reducing the need for repeating unnecessary tasks like logging out and back in or working from multiple browsers. In just-one-click select the account you wish to open and get to work straight away. Simple.


As with all our updates, we’re excited to hear how this improves your sales process. If you have any feedback, please tweet us @OnePageCRM #AskOnePageCRM, comment below or contact me at


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