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Streamline email communication

Unlock the full power of OnePageCRM’s email hub by connecting it with Outlook. Never let a lead go cold and save time with this integration.

outlook crm integration
outlook email sync
two-way email sync

All sales-related emails in one place

  • Enable the two-way sync for emails to/from CRM contacts.
  • Tune out the noise of your inbox and stay focused on your sales.
  • Keep your team on the same page with all relevant emails stored under a contact’s profile.
powerful email crm

No more tedious repetition

  • Save time by creating email templates.
  • Keep it personal by adding variables to your templates.
  • Easily send emails in bulk.
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outlook crm integration

See how it works

Have a look at how our powerful two-way email sync works.
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email open tracking
Follow-up reminders

Follow up on the right time

  • Use open tracking to know when a lead opened your email (and follow up with a call!).
  • Set up automation to send an email when a new lead comes in.
Are you using Gmail instead?
We also have a CRM integration with Gmail. Enable a two-way sync for your Gmail account.

Integrate Outlook with an action-focused CRM

OnePageCRM is the only action-focused CRM in the world. Built for small businesses, it transforms your client database into a simple to-do list (we call it Action Stream).
Set follow-up reminders next to contacts.
See a prioritized list of tasks for today.
Stay motivated with the Target Widget.
Keep all client info on one scrollable page.
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Built an integration with OnePageCRM?

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Connect Outlook to your CRM

Discover the full potential of our simple CRM by enabling the powerful two-way email sync. Keeping in touch with clients and growing sales have never been easier.
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Setting up Outlook CRM integration

  • How to send personalized bulk emails from Outlook?

    Connect your CRM account with your Outlook inbox.

    Once the integration is set up, you can send and receive emails within your CRM.

    Here's how you send bulk emails via your Outlook alias without leaving your CRM:

    — Create custom email templates with variables,
    — Select the CRM contacts you wish to email,
    — Choose one of the email templates,
    — Preview your bulk campaign,
    — Click Send.

    If you send lots of repetitive check-in emails to your sales prospects, using OnePageCRM’s bulk email send for Outlook / Office 365 will save you time sending these emails.

    You can even tweak individual emails to give them a more personal touch, before sending your email blast.
  • How to save time with this Outlook CRM integration?

    Email templates and bulk emails go hand in hand to speed up your workflow.

    By creating email templates directly in your CRM, you give access to these templates across your whole team making your communication with clients more streamlined.

    With this Outlook CRM integration, it's easy to set up email templates for the team.
  • What are the benefits of the Outlook / Office 365 CRM integration?

    1) Faster follow-up process
    OnePageCRM’s Outlook / Office 365 bulk email send will save you time and enable a faster and more efficient follow-up process. Now you can send hundreds of emails in the same time it would take to send one.

    2) Reliable deliverability
    Ensure your email doesn’t fall into this category or worse still is stuck in spam. Unlike marketing apps, with OnePageCRM’s Outlook / Office 365 integration, emails are sent from your own email client. This increases the likelihood of your emails being delivered and opened.

    3) Better overview of email correspondence
    Easily view email correspondence between sales reps and prospects or customers. Your outbound emails will automatically be saved under the contacts activity timeline. So the next time a contact calls unexpectedly you’ll have all the relevant details at hand. No more back and forth between your email client and your CRM.