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Streamline email communication

Unlock the full power of OnePageCRM’s email hub by connecting it with Outlook. Never let a lead go cold and save time with this integration.

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Two-way sync between OnePageCRM and Outlook.
  • Enable the two-way sync for emails to/from CRM contacts.
  • Tune out the noise of your inbox and stay focused on your sales.
  • Keep your team on the same page with all relevant emails stored under a contact’s profile.

No more tedious repetition

  • Save time by creating email templates.
  • Keep it personal by adding variables to your templates.
  • Easily send emails in bulk.
Use email templates to save time and follow up consistently.
Track email opens with OnePageCRM and strike while the iron is hot.

Follow up on
the right time

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What does an action-focused CRM mean?

OnePageCRM is the only action-focused CRM for small businesses. Built on Getting Things Done (GTD) principles, it transforms your database into a simple to-do list (we call it Action Stream).

Outlook and an action-focused CRM are a powerful combo.

Set specific tasks next to every contact.

Start every day with clarity and focus.

Motivate yourself with the Target Widget.

Action Stream

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your business now

OnePageCRM transforms your database into an actionable to-do list with specific actions assigned to every contact.

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