OnePageCRM Chrome Lead Clipper

Generating new, high-quality leads is hard work in any sales environment! The process of trawling the internet with little more than a name, email address or Twitter handle for a potential lead can prove a huge drain on time and resources. Now allow us to introduce the OnePageCRM Chrome Lead Clipper – lead generation made simple!

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Take the situation where a lead has reached out to you via email. You want to add them to your CRM quickly, before they become lost in a sea of mails. Copying and pasting is a manual task which can quickly become a chore as your list grows. All of the admin when replicating data eats into your time where you could be actively speaking with your leads and closing sales.

Lead generation in one click:

Using the OnePageCRM Lead Clipper you can create leads in your account in just one click. This not only reduces admin but also frees you up to spend more time engaging with your leads. Our Lead Clipper is a Google Chrome Extension which is free to download. It’s designed to work with a variety of platforms, including Gmail, Outlook, Xing, Twitter & Facebook!


Create leads directly from your mailbox:

Once installed, the OnePageCRM Lead Clipper icon will be visible in the address bar when viewing an incoming email in Gmail. A simple click gathers all the available information on the contact and sends it to OnePageCRM. Your contact is created in your OnePageCRM account, complete with a Next Action to follow-up!

OnePageCRM, improving your lead gen:

Check out our superb Lead Clipper tool for lead generation today available through the Chrome StoreAny questions or thoughts on the OnePageCRM Lead Clipper please contacts us at or comment below!

Interested to see how our Next Action Sales method and the Chrome Extension can help you close more sales? Download now!