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Split-Pane Action Stream View | A Powerful Update for Light-Touch Sales

Back when we started OnePageCRM, our goal was to create a CRM system that was as easy-to-use as email. We came a long way since then. And while our features have become more advanced and diverse, we always held on to the core principle of ‘email simplicity’, built around contacts and follow-ups. Today, we are… Read More

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Prospecting Email Templates Builder

One of our most popular blog posts over the last 12 months described how to build an outbound sales email campaign. Can you guess the biggest request from readers like you? Everyone wanted a copy of the emails used in the five step sequence. We went one step further. We’ve built a mini app (codenamed… Read More


Sourcing Sales Leads

It is the start of a new sales period. Targets have been set and you have to meet them. Whether you are a business owner or a salesperson, you face the challenging task of prospecting, qualifying and converting leads into sales for the business and a paycheck for you! Taking the time at the start… Read More

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