sales conversations

3 simple tips for sales conversations that sell

In my experience, one of the hardest skills to master as a sales executive is the art of conversation. Most sales reps get into the business of selling because they are personable, friendly and extroverted. In short, they enjoy meeting new people and talking, talking, talking. Consistent closers know it takes a lot more than good social skills to be a great salesperson. You must also be an excellent listener, have a natural curiosity to […]
lead scoring

Find your best leads: How to score and track leads using marketing automation

If you’ve ever worked in sales you might have had the experience where you met the perfect person, at the perfect time, looking for your exact solution. They did their research, were a decision maker, and were ready to pull the trigger. Also known as the perfect sale. But unfortunately not all sales calls, demos, and meetings go this way. In fact, there are a number of potential problems which can arise when you speak to […]

Sales and the Art of Asking Questions (Never hire a bad SDR again!)

  Dionne Mischler runs a sales training consultancy in Orange County, California. One thing she does to boost the confidence of new salespeople is to show them that the sale is not actually about them. “If you have a cure for cancer, and your friend had cancer, wouldn’t you give them that information?” she says. “We’re helping these people!” So the sale is not about the salesperson. “It’s about the customer on the other end […]

Sourcing Sales Leads

It is the start of a new sales period. Targets have been set and you have to meet them. Whether you are a business owner or a salesperson, you face the challenging task of prospecting, qualifying and converting leads into sales for the business and a paycheck for you! Taking the time at the start of your sales period to generate leads will give you the freedom to focus on hitting and beating those targets. […]