Boost your Sales with Quick Quotes – Build and send quotes in seconds!

Your time is precious. Why should you waste it on gathering deal info you already have just to send a sales quote? With our Quick Quotes, you don’t have to. When you want to send a quote to a prospect, simply click “Email quote”, and we will automatically generate it from your deal’s details, along with a pre-set email! So all you have to do is review it and hit ‘Send’. 27 seconds. That’s how […]
Sales Process OnePageCRM

How to track your sales process in OnePageCRM

Not sure of the steps involved in your sales process? Fear not, as this is a common obstacle in many SME’s. It’s critical to understand your customers journey and determine what key milestones are important. Go back to basics – pen and paper. Write down the key steps involved in converting your lead to a customer. We know not everyone falls into these exact steps, or moves along as quickly as they should, but in […]

Prospecting Email Templates Builder

One of our most popular blog posts over the last 12 months described how to build an outbound sales email campaign. Can you guess the biggest request from readers like you? Everyone wanted a copy of the emails used in the five step sequence. We went one step further. We’ve built a mini app (codenamed Howya) to create your emails so you can download the full sequence, ready to use. Check it out now. It’s […]
sales calls

How to make sales calls [The Ultimate Guide] – Part 2

Estimated reading time: 8 minutes. The ultimate guide to planning, conducting and tracking your outbound sales calls. Jump ahead to: Part 1 – Before the call – Catch up here Part 2 – Making the call – You are here. Part 3 – After the call – Read it here. Making the call Now that you’ve prepared, it’s time to get in the zone and start dialling. How to get past gatekeepers Since you’re cold-calling, […]