Create a powerful sales workflow using a simple CRM

Introduce a sales workflow to your business

A workflow is a number of repeatable steps which leads you towards a specific goal. In sales this can include anything which moves a contact through your funnel, for example; qualifying, disqualifying or nurturing a prospect.

A clearly-defined workflow using a CRM puts all contact data at the tip of your sales person’s fingers. This frees up their time to focus on speaking with prospects and solving their business problems at each step.

3 benefits of using a CRM for your workflow:

  • Data security: CRM is a single, secure location for contact data so it’s all together and easy to access.
  • Structured sales process: A workflow is ordered, so adding a note, tag, custom field or updating a status at each step helps to keep tight control over the process.
  • Continuous improvement: By logging all activities in your CRM, you can review and take measures to improve each step as time goes on.

Using a CRM workflow across your sales team

Once you’ve added CRM to your workflow, rolling it out across your sales team is easy. Your team members can collaborate with one another, assigning actions and adding notes to keep everyone up-to-date during the sales process.

This keeps communication channels open across your team and your contacts engaged with your company.

How OnePageCRM can help improve your sales workflow

OnePageCRM is ideal for managing your sales workflow. With a simple, and intuitive design, the CRM system is as easy to use as email, so it does not get in the way of your sales workflow.

Completing a Next Action at each step and logging it in your CRM ensures that you will not drop the ball as they move through your sales funnel.

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