Sales Hacker

The Sales Hackers guide to building a sales empire

  Max Altschuler is the co-founder of the sales blog, SalesHacker and its growing empire of conferences and books. What career advice would he give to his younger self? “The 18-year-old me wouldn’t have listened so it really doesn’t matter,” laughs Altschuler. At 28, however, he does have some suggestions for other young people starting their sales careers. How to succeed in sales “If you want to be a sales lifer, then do extracurricular activities,” says […]

How to become your company’s top performing SDR

  Trish Bertuzzi is the the author of The Sales Development Playbook as well as President and Chief Strategist at The Bridge Group. We asked her what advice she would give to newly minted SDRs. 1. Know your buyer You need to know everything about your buyer, especially if you are selling to a sophisticated buyer who has much more business experience than you do. “If you’re selling to CFOs, go talk to the CFO […]

How I Work (In Swedish Summer)

Swedish summer is special. Swedes desert the cities in droves to spend weeks or months at simple summer houses on islands or in other isolated spots. More than 50 per cent of the population has access to a summer house through family or friends. Brisk’s CEO Hampus Jakobsson lives in Malmö, with his wife and three kids, and is happiest thinking deep and dark thoughts about the future of tech. Preferably at his summer cabin. […]

How I Run My Sales Team (Wiser’s VP Sales)

It may be the most difficult question in sales management. How do you motivate reps to perform at their best? Brendan Short, Wiser’s VP of sales, thinks he knows. “I would say the biggest thing is having them buy into the dream of being at the forefront of something,“ he says. Wiser’s Sales Team Wiser is a startup which makes a dynamic pricing engine for retailers, which allows them to reprice their products to optimize […]