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What is a lead magnet: 16 best examples, ideas, and tips

Your marketing team is doing a great job creating killer content and attracting traffic to your site; providing you with the perfect opportunity to sell to an engaged audience.

But as we in sales know, you always need a final call to action to capture the lead. This is where lead magnets are especially useful.

In this post, we listed 16 ideas for gated content with real-life examples.

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The Next Action Sales Bootcamp (Email Course)

The goal of the Next Action Sales Bootcamp is to provide you with actionable tools to improve your sales process. Sign up to receive sales prospecting insights from the experts, condensed for quick reading and delivered straight to your inbox over the next three weeks. Six emails, six sales lessons, packed with industry tips.  What… Read More

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8 red flags for avoiding nightmare sales jobs

Just as companies are looking to hire the top candidates, you want to make sure the company you’re applying to meets your expectations. This is particularly important for sales positions where good company structure & processes are crucial to you meeting your bottomline. So what are the red flags you should look out for when… Read More

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5 tips to radically improve your sales productivity

Getting smart at sales productivity means maximizing your time and that of your sales team. Which of your daily tasks actually lead to profitable conversions – aimlessly scanning your social profiles, striving to achieve inbox zero (pfft), or making that one sales call you’ve been putting off? We hereby invite you to cut the noise.… Read More

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3 reasons why your sales team needs support

Blindly differentiate between sales and customer support and you’re making a huge mistake. Nowadays, the two are intrinsically interlinked. In fact, at OnePageCRM we don’t have a dedicated sales team, rather our Customer Success team encompasses both support services and sales. The Customer Success team – the sales & support hybrid With support teams now… Read More

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