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Top 20 sales podcasts for busy salespeople in 2024

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Did you know that 16 million people in the US are ‘avid podcast fans’? (Nielsen)

Podcasts are now the go-to resource for the on-the-go salesperson.

They allow you to listen to several topics of your interest without setting aside any specific time. They also give you the power of multitasking.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top sales podcasts for 2024.

So plug in your headphones and get listening!

Note. These podcasts are listed in no particular order, so feel free to start with the one that resonates the most with you (or is within your time constraints).

1. The Sales Acceleration Show

Average episode length: 10-15 minutes

Hosts: Michael Humblet

Where: Apple Podcasts | Spotify

Michael Humblet hosts the Sales Acceleration Show, an insightful podcast focusing on both sales and marketing. He engages with founders and CEOs of rapidly expanding scale-ups to explore business acceleration, revenue scaling, and team management. Get practical sales and marketing guidance from top industry professionals to boost your business revenue.

While it looks like the podcast hasn’t had any new episodes for a while, you can find some old gems there. The best thing about good content—it’s rarely outdated!

2. Ask Gary Vee Show

Average episode length: 30-60 minutes

Hosts: Gary Vaynerchuk

Where: Apple Podcasts | Spotify

The GaryVee Audio Experience is hosted by Gary Vaynerchuk, an entrepreneur, CEO, investor, content creator, and public speaker. This podcast features a blend of #AskGaryVee show episodes, marketing and business keynote speeches, snippets from the DAILYVEE video series, interviews, fireside chats, and much more.

You just can’t help but get motivated by Gary Vaynerchuk. His podcast covers a range of topics from marketing, social media, sales, and entrepreneurship.

3. Sell or Die

Average episode length: 20-30 minutes

Hosts: Jeffrey Gitomer (Best-selling author) and Jennifer Gluckow (Sales expert)  

Where: Apple Podcasts | Spotify

According to Jeffrey Gitomer, you’re either selling or you’re dying, there is no in-between.

Jeffrey Gitomer is the author of notable books like Little Red Book of Selling, The Sales Bible, Little Gold Book of Yes! Attitude, and many more. Jennifer Gluckow is a sales trainer, networking expert, and an author popularly known for her book, Sales in a New York Minute

Together, Gitomer and Gluckow invite leaders in sales, marketing, and personal development for conversations on sales strategies, growth and sales mindsets, business challenges, sales tech, and more. They also run live Q&As and Monday Motivation series for their listeners.

4. B2B Growth

Average episode length: 15-40 minutes

Hosts: James Carbary and Benji Block

Where: Apple Podcasts

Focused primarily on optimization, the B2B Growth podcast is dedicated to helping B2B executives achieve explosive growth.

Each episode features an interview with a B2B marketing or sales executive, discussing topics like leadership, account-based marketing and sales, effective prospecting, negotiation techniques, and more.

5. Sales Gravy

Average episode length: 40-50 minutes

Host: Jeb Blount (Keynote speaker and Sales trainer)

Where: Apple Podcasts | Spotify

The Sales Gravy podcast is one of the top-ranked sales podcasts in the world. It covers every angle imaginable from sales talent sourcing, onboarding practices, and compensation strategies, as well as interviews with global business leaders.

Jeb Blount delivers insightful episodes on negotiation strategies, overcoming the fear of rejection, closing bigger deals, and more. 

6. This Week In Startups

Average episode length: 50-90 minutes

Host: Jason Calacanis

Where: Apple Podcasts | YouTube

With over 1000 episodes by Jason Calacanis, there’s something for everyone in This Week in Startups. Also featured are in-depth interviews with leaders from the world of entrepreneurship, including David Sacks, Chris Sacca, and more.

In this podcast, Jason Calacanis discusses startups, technology, markets, media, and trending business and tech subjects. He engages in conversations with top founders, operators, investors, and innovators globally.


Average episode length: 30-45 minutes

Where: Apple Podcasts | Spotify

With the aim of “making your startup a rocketship”, dives into everything from funding to growth, culture to sales, and everything in between. Interviews with startup founders who are today heading some of the world’s fastest-growing companies.

The podcast covers essential concepts from product management to growth, sales, and funding. has gained recognition in publications such as Forbes, Huffington Post, Inc., and Entrepreneur.

8. The SaaS Revolution Show

Average episode length: 40 minutes

Host: Alex Theuma

Where: Apple Podcasts | Spotify

This is the go-to podcast for anyone in SaaS sales.

The SaaS Revolution Show provides valuable insights and strategies from top SaaS experts worldwide. Visionary founders, executives, and investors share advice on customer attraction, business growth, global scaling, sales success, and much more. This show is presented by SaaStock, a leading media and events platform, dedicated to supporting SaaS founders aiming for $10 million in ARR.

9. The Advanced Selling Podcast

Average episode length: 15-20 minutes 

Hosts: Bryan Neale (B2B sales leader) and Bill Caskey (Sales coach)

Where: Apple Podcasts | Spotify

If you’re looking for power-packed tips on selling, then this is the podcast that will change your sales game. From lead generation to cold calling, Neale and Caskey discuss the technicalities of the sales world and help shift your selling mindset.

Their episodes can last from ten to thirty minutes, and you can be assured of entertaining and useful content that will help you get ahead in your sales career.

What’s more? Listeners who download their app get access to their LinkedIn group to connect and exchange experiences with sales professionals from across the world. 

10. Sales Pipeline Radio

Average episode length: 20 minutes

Host: Matt Heinz

Where: Apple Podcasts | Spotify

Created by Matt Heinz from Heinz Marketing, this podcast offers a refreshing approach to growing your sales pipeline.

Sales Pipeline Radio showcases leading experts in B2B sales and marketing, spotlighting strategies for boosting sales pipeline volume, speed, and conversion rates. Matt explores various stages of a sales pipeline, like demand gen, lead nurturing, and more.

11. The Sales Evangelist

Average episode length: 20-30 minutes 

Host: Donald C. Kelly (public speaker and B2B sales pro)

Where: Apple Podcasts | Spotify

Do you want to learn how to deliver better value and close more? Say no more!

Donald C.Kelly touches on several pain points and challenges that salespeople face, thrice a week for 20-30 minutes. So whether you’re a sales newbie or an experienced professional, you’ll be able to find loads of actionable tips from Kelly and the industry experts he invites on a regular basis. 

12. Growth Everywhere Podcast

Average episode length: 90 minutes 

Host: Eric Siu

Where: Apple Podcasts | Spotify

The clue is in the title. The Growth Everywhere podcast picks the brains of some of the industry’s most successful growth hackers. The podcast includes a weekly digest of case-based interviews, with insights into startup growth and scaling, with Eric Siu on the mic.

Discover practical strategies and techniques for growing your business and navigating pitfalls along the way.

13. SaaStr

Average episode length: 20-40 minutes

Hosts: Jason M. Lemkin (Founder of SaaStr) and Harry Stebbings (Founder of The Twenty Minute VC)

Where: Apple Podcasts | Spotify

If you’re remotely associated with the SaaS industry, you know the charisma of Jason M. Lemkin. Often referred to as “The Godfather of SaaS”, Lemkin and the founder of the largest media firm in venture capital, Harry Stebbings, host weekly interviews with investors, prominent leaders, and experts from the SaaS industry. 

Their conversations mainly revolve around achieving success in the fiercely competitive SaaS sales industry, increasing Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR), entrepreneurship, and more. SaaStr episodes can well become the most magical 30 minutes of your day.

14. The GTM Podcast

Average episode length: 35-40 minutes

Host: Scott Baker

Where: Apple Podcasts | Spotify

Previously Sales Hacker, the GTM Podcast features discussions with technology leaders, venture capitalists, and entrepreneurs. It dives deep into their experiences: successes, failures, and the real stories behind them. Listeners are encouraged to submit questions for upcoming episodes

15. Women in Sales

Average episode length: 20-30 minutes 

Host: Lori Richardson

Where: Apple Podcasts | Spotify

Named as one of the best resources for female sales professionals, Women in Sales features a female sales leader in every episode. Some common topics covered in the podcast include career advancement in sales, leadership, overcoming adversity, social selling, and more. 

Regardless of your gender, this is a must-listen podcast for anyone and everyone closely associated with the sales industry.

16. Make it Happen Mondays

Average episode length: 40-50 minutes 

Host: John Barrows (Leading sales trainer)

Where: Apple Podcasts | Spotify

In this podcast, B2B sales leader and founder of JBarrows Consulting, John Barrows gives actionable tips on closing more. Given his client records like Salesforce and LinkedIn, it’s evident that his sales tips have proven effective before. 

In his podcasts, he shares advice and anecdotes from his career. He also invites several business leaders to discuss career advice and personal branding.

17. Selling Made Simple and Salesman Podcast

Average episode length: 15-20 minutes 

Host: Will Barron

Where: Apple Podcasts | Spotify

This award-winning show is one of the most downloaded B2B sales podcasts. It helps sales professionals find the right buyers and win deals in the most efficient and ethical manner. These podcast episodes often focus on several soft skills such as body language, storytelling and more, essential for succeeding in the field of sales.

What is more, you’ll find two podcasts in one.

Simplified Selling offers concise, 10-minute episodes for practical insights. Sales Professional Podcast educates sales experts on modern, ethical approaches to securing buyers and closing deals. With guests like NASA astronauts, F1 drivers, and leading sales experts, this show provides valuable insights for your sales success.

18. What Drives You

Average episode length: 40-60 minutes 

Hosts: Kevin Miller

Where: Apple Podcasts | Spotify

Being (and staying) driven is super important for successful salespeople. Join Kevin Miller as he delves into what drives top performers, helping you uncover your own motivations.

Dive into insightful conversations on personal development, motivation, peak performance, psychology, entrepreneurship, and more with guests from diverse backgrounds. Tune in to explore what matters most and gain wisdom to enhance your journey.

19. Outbound Squad

Average episode length: 60 minutes

Host: Jayson Bay (JBay)

Where: Apple Podcasts | Spotify

This sales podcast is for B2B sales teams aiming to convert prospects into paying clients.

Listen to interviews with sales professionals, industry leaders, and top-performing sales reps. Get valuable insights into the strategies and tactics employed by sales professionals worldwide.

20. Sales Strategy & Enablement Podcast

Average episode length: 25-30 minutes

Host: Howard Brown and Alastair Woolcock

Where: Apple Podcasts | Spotify

This trusted sales podcast features exclusive insights on sales engagement, AI, revenue intelligence, and more from top industry leaders. With over 1,000 episodes, the podcast goes deep into successful sales strategies, sales psychology, and proven sales tactics—all shared by renowned sales leaders.

Up your sales even further

So there we have it, our go-to podcasts for sales wisdom and strategy. Know something we don’t? Comment below with your recommendations for great podcasts.

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