DMX Dublin

Top Takeaways DMX Dublin 2017

This years DMX Dublin Summit took place in the fittingly agile and competitive setting of the Aviva Stadium. Incredible speakers took to the stage to share with us their expert insights and tips for the future of marketing. For those not so lucky to have gotten their hands on a ticket, or haven’t yet mastered the skill of being in two places at once… Fear not, we’ve rounded up our top takeaways from the summit below! 1. Adam […]

6 Steps to Get Sales and Marketing Working on the same Team

CSO Insight They say the reason why cats and dogs don’t get on is because of language. A dog’s tail in the air is a sign of happiness and play. But for cats, it’s a sign of aggression and attack. So when a cat sees a happy dog bouncing towards them, it gets ready to go to war. A loose analogy perhaps, for the age old battle that is sales versus marketing. Years of miscommunication […]

The Next Action Sales Bootcamp (Email Course)

The goal of the Next Action Sales Bootcamp is to provide you with actionable tools to improve your sales process. Sign up to receive sales prospecting insights from the experts, condensed for quick reading and delivered straight to your inbox over the next three weeks. Six emails, six sales lessons, packed with industry tips.  What you will learn  
sales podcasts

What are the top recommended podcasts for salespeople?

Podcasts are now the go-to resource for the on-the-go salesperson. But with so many shows available, you want to make sure you’re investing your downtime in the right content. Below are our top picks for sales podcasts to get you selling bigger and better. 1. The Sales Acceleration Show Presented by inside sales expert, Gabe Larsen, the Sales Acceleration Show explores the science of selling across the areas of demand generation, sales, and sales operations. You can […]